Who I am? (about me)

(c) Virage_Intel_Inside

I don’t know... Day by day I’m wonder about this but I don’t know... I suppose that I’m rather something - not a human... Human can’t control their emotions or feelings but I can... I can do not be in love with somebody because I don’t need love... in some part of me... Yes, it is two part of me. One of part is very shy and it doesn’t smiling, it’s always sad or angry, but it’s still cheeky, arrogant, haughty, superior and bad... and it don’t know what is love, it suffer always but it doesn’t look like. It suffer inside... It can control emotions, feelings and it can control behaviour, deeds and that what it’s thinking about Second part of me is in love with something... I suffer because I know that this love can be dengarous for me and it can give me only suffer and pain... nothing else... but that love is worth it what I dream about if this dream will come true... Like all in my life... In my life I don’t feel nothing besides suffer... I have family, big family and we can call them “friends”. Why we can call them friends? Because I don’t have friends. Why? Because I don’t wan’t to divide with somebody my sufffer. It’s only my world and choose it by myself without help. I know that’s very hard to understand that but that choose makes me happy. It’s nothing but a philosophy - my hobby. My family - everyone are talking about me only bad things because they don’t know me but just like I said that before - I don’t wan’t to family could know me because they won’t understand me. I think that they don’t care about philosophy becasue they rather want to live by their own life.

Maybe I’m not human... You know... machines in real world could create something like VIRUS (program which can make big changes in MATRIX) but just like said Agent Smith: "Human are like Virus". I mean that I’m human with programmed life, which must show me all that what feel, think other people... and that could be helping for machines to not let wake up people... MATRIX - world where I live... world of dreams where everything is possible... but I must only free me mind and believe in MATRIX.......... So that can help me to break all of rule which can help me to have the same ability and possibility which with my knowledge and imagination can take me to the limitation. In a few, simple words - I could be do everything what can do Agents. What I see? I see MATRIX... but that what I feel living here is something else... I see Matrix but I feel other expanse... I can’t tell what exactly that is... It’s very hard but it’s giving me wonderfull feelings... It’s very hard to describe... It just like your in love... Nobody will tell you that your in love..
You just fell it!
Do I sleep?
Yes... Long hours... I love sleep but more than sleep I love dreaming abou this what I wanna to came true...
I believe that all of mine dreams showing me the way which can take me to the objective of my mission in my life... If you can call it like taht... My dreams... I know that they're bad... exactly for me... But suffer... are for me exactly that what I need to live... Whithout pain and suffer I can't live... and without music, love, feelings, computer, black color and without short hair and without dreams...

Everything is very complicated... but if we think logicaly - we can find objective of our existence... Just think: If Smith had right... If we are a Virus which attack EARTH so like Virus in computer - we can change code, program - change everything but we must know the objective and orders which we get from that something what create US.

ORDER: Do not let to destroyed MATRIX!