Unseen Life


Shane House
aka agent_smith_m1

Edward Davidson had reported to work as usual. His
days usually involved keeping watch over the building.
He was outfitted with body armour, and an M-16 assault
rifle. Edward was just one of many people who worked
for the Agent. He was unaware of the "Matrix" or the
resistance. He just lived his life as always. Edward
had a awife, and one child. His wife's name was
Catherine, and their six year old daughter's name was
Anna. It was a high risk job, but it payed well. His
family was worth it because he cared for them with all
his heart. Catherine and Annawere his life. Edward
could not imagine life without them, but now they
might have to live without him.

The day started normaly, as usual. One suspected
terrorist had been apprehended earlier, but it was
over fast. The afternoon was a different mattter
though. Edward and six other security officers were
walking the halls, keeping watch. Then the urgent call
came in over their radios. "Back up! Send back up!"
the call was from front desk. It sounded like Peter
Berman. His voice was cut off by the sound of gunfire.

"What the hell just happenend?!" thought Edward. All
the men rushed to the lobby, boots stomping down the
hall, guns clicking as they were loaded. The well
armed security rushed towards the lobby, drawing
closer. "Remember your training, remember your
training!"He thought as he ran down the hall. they had
all just entered the lobby, guns drawn at two people
in front of them. "FREEZE!" shouted Vincent Gerard.
The two people were a man, and a woman. Both of them
were dressed all in black clothing. The woman was
carrying a black duffle bag. The man had a gun in each
hand. In an instant, one went to the right, the other
to the left. 

I took aim at the man as he wnet to the right. I stood
behind a pillar and prepared to open fire when I had a
clear shot. He ducked behind a pillar as everyone
opened fire on them. It was unbelieveable how fast
they were! I felt I had fire upon them, since this was
my job. They had killed five men earlier at the
entrance. I could not let this happend on my shift. I
felt panic as I pressed the trigger on my rifle. The
gun kicked back, and the sound was deafening as
everyone was shooting at the two targets. The pillar
which the man was hiding behind was quickly being
reduced to rubble as bullets shattered it. Bits of
marble, and dust flew everywhere. Just as quickly, the
man appeared from behind the pillar, firing both guns
at us. One security officer was hit immediatly, and he
collapsed to the floor lifeless. "NO!...this is not
happening!" I thought as he hit the floor. 

Another man went down in a hail of bullets in front of
me. "How can these two move so fast?" I just wanted to
be home with my family, far from here. All of us fired
upon them, but they still kept coming. I felt
helpless, even with my M-16 in hand. All I could do
was shoot, and hope to hit them. The two made all of
us look like amatuers. I was not going down without a

I continued to fire upon them, taking aim at one, and
then the other. Everytime I looked back at one, that
person was closer. Everyone was dropping fast. This
was not good. Suddenly in front of me, the man
appeared from behind a pillar. I returned fire as he
shot at me. 

I was not fast enough.

I felt the bullets hit me. I dropped like all the
others. As I lay on the floor, the man finished of the
last security officer with a kick. He didn't even need
his gun. I felt my body go cold as I lost blood. My
thoughts drifted to my family. I wanted to be there
with them. I wanted to be a husband, a father. 

I just wanted to live.

My last thoughts were of Anna, and Catherine. My two
true loves. My hope. I hoped that they would find
comfort in each other.






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