Zemfira - Synoptic

This is a song by russian singer Zemfira, one of famous singers in our country. My friend Jack (Agent Jack, of course 8) loves her songs a lot and teached me to love them too. This song "Weather forecaster" he was listening while writing his fanfics and I was listening it too writing my last story, together with Enigma4 album. There are hidden and direct qoutes from Zemfira's songs in our fanfics...

Well, we think that this song is really "agenty", and it is beautiful in general. Here is also a link to mp3 file (right-click and choose "save as", if you want to listen the song, but the file is pretty big ;)

Download the song - Read lyrics in russian


Synoptic (Weather forecaster)


Simply wish it
And I'll kill you,
Only I will keep your photos...
I'll buy shades
So nobody will see my eyes,
It won't hurt, I promise
But you, please send greetings
And call me more often
From the sky about the weather


They will
Look for me with shoulder-straps
Even my friends will forget my name
They will close their respectable doors
But what are their scowls to me?
I'm outside of the law,
I'm a synoptic /weather forecaster/

See how it goes on,
April, and wheels on the asphalt...

If you can't be a god,
Then I will be one.

Kill, but promise me...
It won't hurt...
Please try...
And I will come under snow and rains
And I will call you 
From the sky about the weather
It won't hurt, I promise,
And you, send your greetings,
And I will come with rains to your dreams. 

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