[ SOUL F5 ]

[read in russian]
translated by: Tatiana Matveeva & John C. Marshall 

People, who lust for the
Feel of keys on their fingertips,
Pouring out their souls, drop by drop, to the Net,
To someday become empty of themselves:

Every touch, every glance,
Slowly, relentlessly copies the soul;
It's just F5, just for the moment,
F5, just for now:

It's for the present . . . soon to be forever,
I'm getting tired of the jumble of trite phrases,
I'm giving up everything for the feeling of that loneliness
and for being One Of Us:

I'm giving up everything, with joy...
It's so strange.
Maybe I'm asking for too much...
But I'm feeling again in my heart - an ache

On the altar (as a sacrifice)
a part of myself, a part of my heart, about 215 Kb size...
But the Net will finally consume all of me,
for my essence flies into it through my finger-tips...

I will not need to think about forgiving, again,
I will not need to reflect about what being "hurt" means...
The joy of understanding these remain, also the bitter sorrow,
and then other NETS will be waiting for me...

A smile for everyone,
login: for friends...
and "permission denied" for those that injure.


// Inity (Agent Inity, if you want ;) 
// 23.03.2000 

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