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Look out that window. You had your time. The future is our time.


Look out that window... Agents' coming No, Lieutenant, your men are already dead The orders were for your protection


Where are you, mr.Anderson?


One of these lives has a future.

You are going to help us




So we have a deal?

A call...

A call...

"K etomu privykaesh'..."




Never send a human to do mashine's job


Leave us alone

I will be honest

Just a prisoner here...

The truth is on our side

I need a key...

I want to be free

Fire Exit Zion should be destroyed You can log out any time you like...
but you can never leave Subway Subway Let's talk? >B )
To have someone understand... Hewlett-Packard advertisement? A call... again... Heart o'City

Greetings... mr.Anderson

And goodbye... mr.Anderson


"We've got to you first." - my friend says slightly narrowing his eyes.
(c) Agent Inity "Life.c"

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