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Live-Action Matrix RPG report and photos here!

Look at "Agents in Germany" pictures - last report from Agents exchange-of-experience conference at Expo 2000 in Hannover, and Inity's journey to Bonn and Keln!

You can see here pictures of Agent Inity and her friends. Some of my photos were taken in places mentioned in my story "Children of the Night". Real illustrations!


ai2-sm.jpg (4058 bytes) Agent Inity in the Matrix

We keep silence for a long time. Then I feel the waves of code start to move, changing slightly. A greenish light of twitching streams...
It's too much pain to look at the blinding brilliance of Sources.

"Children of the Night"

Agent Inity in "Mayakovskaya" metro station. Agent Inity in "Mayakovskaya" subway station.

We go down to subway and walk from "Rebellion Square" to "Mayakovskaya", where the passing trains are hidden behind the wall and only steely doors are sliding apart and meet again with rumbling...

("Children of the Night", part I)

Agent Inity arrives to the mission Agent Inity arrives to the mission...

The monument of the Leader of World Revolution grins a sullen smile at me from above. Analysing location... but wait, I recognize the place already.

("Children of the Night", part II)

Yes, exactly this place Yes, exactly this place...

I always happen to be here on the sunset. The dark outline of small temple is a bit away... usually there are few people here, with the moments when people just arrived to Warshawsky train station are flowing like a thin stream to the nearest subway being the only exceptions...

("Children of the Night", part II)

Agent Inity talks to old lady Agent Inity talks to old lady...

Some shooting is heard not far off - a little old woman crosses herself while passing by. - Don't go there, my daughter... bandits there, hear the shooting... oh, Lord - she says to me. But I start and run beside her around the street corner...

("Children of the Night", part II)

Does it ring for *you* this time? Does it ring for *you* this time?

The phone begins to ring. Every time I restrain my desire to pick the handset up and see what would happen. But the phone rings not for me... I can see already the one it rings for.

("Children of the Night", part II)

The place where Agent Inity meets Agent Jack The place where Agent Inity meets Agent Jack ;)

My friend (I don't know how to call him. Colleague? Fellow? Nobody can express it with words on usual human relationships) approaches me. We don't need any greetings.

("Children of the Night", part II)

Agent Inity arrives to the next mission Agent Inity arrives to the next mission

An Internet-cafe, "Tetris". It's a portal too. A place where reality and virtuality joins together, a blade edge they must walk on, those whose souls we should test...

("Children of the Night", part III)

24 hours a day * Virtual reality Internet-cafe "Tetris"
24 hours a day
Virtual Reality

These institutions are scattered all around the Matrix. We're the best specialists in this area after all. It's a kind of testing centre, which allows us to expose the most capable people.
Those who may become an Agent. Or a rebel.
We hire them. Or kill them.
There's not much difference.
These souls are already lost for all humanity.

("Wonderland" by Agent Jack. These words inspired me to "Children of the Night")

Agent Inity in "Tetris" - awaiting for new soul to convert Agent Inity in "Tetris" - awaiting for new soul to convert ;)

I do search and I do offer. Not to anyone - only to those who approached the border, those feeling the instabilities and internal order of this world, those searching for answers, those not seeing a place for them in this reality...

("Children of the Night", part III ~ this used to be my workplace in 1997)

The place of Agent Inity's final fight with Anatoly The place of Agent Inity's final fight with Anatoly...

He draws a handgun and begins to shoot in disorder... the broken glass scream around, I hear the windows of nearest houses closing shut, a baby crying in fear... I dodge a bullet, then another. In the way I was taught - it's a special art, like I'm dancing...

("Children of the Night", part III)
Why this place? This is the house of my childhood ;)

Agent Inity in Peterhof Agent Inity in Peterhof

Lion statue... Lion is a symbol of Sekhmet, ancient-egyptian goddess, and we with Agent Jack and Agent Unity know, that Sekhmet is also one of highest-level AI's in the Matrix - she is a character from our fanfic series...

Agent Inity Agent Inity

"Interpresscon-2000" - science-fiction writers conference, where I participated. This picture is from there :)

Inity and her dog Agent Inity and her dog

I'm offerring red and blue pills to my dog (picture taken during of one matrixy parties in my home). Oh, my dear dog, he wanted to take red pill and join the resistance! I wonder if rebels would try to unplig him? :)

Agent Inity in the Matrix Agent Inity in the Matrix

The coding comes rushing past me again and the pattern moves by at impossible speed, making the surroundings seem like a glorious blur of liquid emeralds... (c) Agent Unity "Birth of a Warder"

Last photo of Agent Inity inside the Matrix (possible sight-screenshot of Captain Grey Robe) /look at "Call Taken" fanfic by Mithgol the Webmaster, in russian/

Moscow-2000 RCL/Matrix party

There are pictures from great party of Ru.Computer.Life FIDONet conference participants, in Moscow 19-26 April 2000. And, because your humble host is a moderator of this conference and all its subscribers are my really good friends... So no wonder that this our last meeting was somewhat 'matrixy' 8)

All pictures from this meeting will be placed at Ru.Computer.Life page, and I posted here only part of them, especially related to our Matrix funs and somewhat role-playing ;)

If you want, click here for a little introduction of persons presented on these pictures, to know some more about us! ;)

RCL/Matrix-2000 Party: Part One!

Click on any picture to enlarge (large versions will appear in one, but separate window)

party0005sm.jpg (5175 bytes)

Vadim Petrakovsky (Killer 99) on Moscow' Rebellion Ship main deck ;)

party0006sm.jpg (4265 bytes)

Killer99's home: or it's already Agents headquarters? :)

party0001sm.jpg (5790 bytes)

Comtek-2000 Exhibition: landing at the Computer land

party0015sm.jpg (6670 bytes)

Comtek-2000: the Computer revolution is over. They won.

party0019sm.jpg (6756 bytes)

Comtek-2000 Exhibition: so we were here... :)

party0002sm.jpg (5550 bytes)

The future is our time!

party0011sm.jpg (5361 bytes)

Computers are damn attractive. May be some of Matrix servers look like this one?

party0007sm.jpg (5335 bytes)

Dungeon Keeper: time to look from the Other Side? ;)

party0021sm.jpg (5270 bytes)
Killer99: 'Long live the Rebellion!"
Agent Nazgul: "What, what did you said, mr.Petrakovsky?.."

party0003sm.jpg (5391 bytes)

"You're going to help us, mr. Petrakovsky... whether you want to or not. ;)"

party0016sm.jpg (5490 bytes)

Agent RSz and Moscow Rebellion leaders: just exchange of experience... :)

party0022sm.jpg (5129 bytes)

So the party goes on... in Mak's home in Korolev

party0018sm.jpg (5451 bytes)

BSD: "The Matrix has got me? No way! I have the Matrix!"

party0020sm.jpg (3786 bytes)

No one can be told what the Matrix is. But I'll try...

party0013sm.jpg (5790 bytes)

Agent Inity proudly presents... ('the Matrix' on Video CD ;)

party0017sm.jpg (5034 bytes)

"Let's change something in the program and look what would happen!"

party0004sm.jpg (4141 bytes)

Inity. Agent Inity, if you want ;)

party0010sm.jpg (4588 bytes)

Olga Vedernikova: a virtual person. Pretty hard to reach her IRL. An Oracle?

party0014sm.jpg (4647 bytes)

"Operator, I need an exit... may be. Later."

party0009sm.jpg (4319 bytes)

Mak in black shades (a potential Agent? I'll think about it!.. :)

party0023sm.jpg (5325 bytes)

Connect of modems and handshake of friends...

party0008sm.jpg (4762 bytes)

Ru.Computer.Life moderators (RCL - агентская эха. Два раза "Ку"!:)

party0012sm.jpg (4807 bytes)

And so *they* moderate Ru.Internet*?!

agtimage74sm.jpg (4836 bytes)

Nazgul, Inity & Killer99

agtimage57sm.jpg (5008 bytes)

Nazgul, Inity and Killer99

agtimage64sm.jpg (4980 bytes)

Agent Nazgul's initiation

agtimage59sm.jpg (5257 bytes)

Nazgul becomes a co-moderator of Ru.Internet

agtimage63sm.jpg (5177 bytes)

Agent and rebel - friends forever :)

agtimage60sm.jpg (6274 bytes)

Breakfast of champions

agtimage61sm.jpg (3242 bytes)

DuoVit. Vitamine pills, or trace programs, widely known in Russian part of the Matrix...

agtimage65sm.jpg (5516 bytes)

Nazgul and Mak

agtimage67sm.jpg (6754 bytes)

Do we have a deal, mr. Kangin?

agtimage68sm.jpg (5906 bytes)

...You take red pill, and the story ends...

agtimage70sm.jpg (6291 bytes)

Let me watch it!

agtimage72sm.jpg (3856 bytes)

I'd better take both! 8)

agtimage73sm.jpg (4764 bytes)

All welcome Agent Mak :)

agtimage75sm.jpg (4672 bytes)

Mak - what is he thinking?..

agtimage79sm.jpg (5893 bytes)

Red or blue, mr. Petrakovsky?..

agtimage76sm.jpg (5530 bytes)

Inity, Killer99 & Nazgul

agtimage78sm.jpg (5560 bytes)

And now, it's *your* choice...


||*()*|| Ru.Computer.Life *

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