Vacuum - Rise And Shine Olympia

Build high degrees of matter 
Calling on friends from worlds a far 
Three men on a mission 
Starship on the case 
We're making contact 
A voice from outer space 
Age of designing 
This world a better place 
Shine Olympia 
Make those starrays 
Come on down 
On all of us 
Hail the visitors from 
Shine Olympia 
Bring the chorus of a 
Starlight orchestra 
Rise and shine Olympia 
The nucleus contracting 
Some treasure 
My pleasure 
Calling on friends from worlds a far 
I saw the footprints 
Footprints on the ground 
I saw the starsign 
The starsign and the sound 
The sound of heaven 
From angels coming down 

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