Who's'who - Matrix RPG

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Who's'who on the group picture:

Lying at the ground: --
The Woman-In-Red (Envinywen Heerince), Master-Of-Everything

Sitting --
Agent Max (Max Synkewitch)
Gabriel, a rebel (Oleg Savitsky)

Standing (main line) --
Macaron Enaser, guru of "Harmonists" sect (Sergey Citovsky)
Matrix Mainframe Computer (Erlin), another Master-of-Everything
Morpheus/Bob Drake/Bill Gates III (Green Litophage), master of rebels' team
Агент Inity (Tatiana Matveeva)
John Milton, Milton co. corporation leader, "devil's program incarnation"
John Doe, Milton co. corporation worker, later - agent of the Matrix

Standing on the back --
Alex Shainamm, Milton co. archive worker
Sheltem, a scientist (Gloomy)

And, hiddenly presents an Oracle (Mary Egorova) (taking the picture)

Disappeared before the game end::
Agent Black (Dima Orlov)
Agent White (Volodya Trigubov)
Nameless Rebel (Sasha Yurchenko)
Anthony Fletcher, ex-FBI-agent (Kay)
Brenda Fright, journalist (Olga)

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