[5] Fiction:

Here are cyberpunk stories, Matrix fanfics and poetry, written by me and my friends, and submitted to me by this site' readers, and pieces of poetry and prose which I've found on the Net.
Check out also "Other Side" and "To be a program" sections, for more stories and books. ;)

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Fandoms and genres list:

[1] The Matrix-related fanfiction:

[2] Other Fandoms Alternate Faniction and Apocryphs

[3] Cyberpunk stories:

[4] Poetry:

If you want to see your story/fanfic/poetry here, please send me your link or a file with text, and I'll place a link or full text with all (c)opyrights and credits you want.

[5] Quotes:

  • Quotes I think are definitely on-topic [english]

[6] Songs and lyrics

  • Vacuum "Pride in my religion" (+mp3) - an epigraph to whole site concept...
  • Vacuum "Shine Olympia" - this line "Age of designing this world a better place" ... "...designed as perfect human world..." - it definitely reminds me *something*...
  • Enigma "Out from the deep" - favorite song of Level 14 Agents :)
  • Kraftwerk "Les Mannequins" ("Showroom Dummies") (+mp3) - sounds in "Children of the Night" story. It is recommended to listen the song when you'd read the story...
  • Kraftwerk "Hall of mirrors" (+mp3) - I feel in it something close to "Labyrinth of Reflections" novel theme; this song is mentioned in "Children of the Night".
  • Kraftwerk "Antenne" (+mp3) - very "cyberpunk" song, mentioned in "Children of the Night" too.
  • Zemfira "Synoptic" [russian] (+mp3) and an attempt to make an english translation of the lyrics. Very agenty song, no doubt... so good to write matrix fanfics while listening to it!
  • Scorpions "The Zoo" - again, very "agenty" song. "Walk around to catch the thrill on streets we call the zoo"...
  • iNsuRge "Soul 4 sale" (+mp3) - bitter, strong, truly cyberpunk song. May be a hymn of future Matrix builders...
  • Piknik "One, two..." (+mp3) - used in "Sad, but true" and "Inquisitor" fanfics...
  • Richard Stilgoe "Starlight Express: AC/DC" - sent to me by Agent Unity.
  • Mel Brooks "The Inquisition Song" (+mp3)- who've seen "The History Of The World" comedy movie by Mel Brooks, they will understand! :) I don't know... but while watching "The Matrix" movie first time, exacly the scene of "Morpheus' interrogation", this "Inquisition Song" popped up in my mind...
  • Will Smith' song (Men in Black) - should I explain why I post it here?
  • "Secret Agent Man" (+mp3) from "Austin Powers" movie, found online with really strange circumstances...
  • Project Pitchfork - "Resist" - sounds like really good song for the Resistance. So our dear friends from Zion wouldn't think they're ignored! ;)
  • "Dissolved girl" (+mp3) - a song which Neo was listening to...
  • "No exit" by Splean (+mp3) - very depressing, but great russian song.


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