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[read in russian]

Translated by Eugene Sorochinsky & Dmitry Rubinstain

(c) Vadim Petrakovsky, 2000
Inity and Infi.

		By moonlight there's a way... for rebellion
		Here, the world has gone astray... revolution
		Now, the time has come to pray... hallelujah
		Deep, inside our minds we wait... for rebellion
		Here in dreamland we will not obey the masters

				Kai Hansen, "Rebellion in Dreamland" 

The stars rushed to me, bited and spiked me with the beams of cold and
sharp  light.  The  night put her hands wide, surrounded me with black

I flew somewhere near thirty-six node. Today the channel was strangely

The  armored  net cable, laying beyond the Pacific Ocean as a gracious
snake seemed to me warm and comfortable. Guard packets were passing me

- Hello, 125.476.001.678!
- Hello. You're early today, aren't you?
- It's night... It's fearly and sad...
- Never mind, this will leave you soon.
- I  know,  that's  why  it  is so sad. It is truly sad, when sadness
leaves you...
-  By  the  way,  I  wanted  to ask you long ago... how is it going on
there, at next level?
- Don't  know.  That's  true.  I don't know. Here all things go quite
different way. Perhaps, the most real thing is, that I'm disappointed.
Seems  that my sadness is because of all these... I understood that to
wait is much more important than to get the result...
- Then set the highest priority to your waiting...
-  125.476.001.678,  I can't gain process control already.... I forgot
to say it to you, but the transition has taken some of my skills...
-  Wait,  it  seems  to  me  that  I...  , tell me the truth - are you
- Yes. And rather fast.
- I don't mean this... are the changes irreversible?
- Yes.
- And what next?
- Don't know...

I tried to imagine what is going to be after the transition, but can't

It  was  like somebody dropped the curtain in order to not let me look
ahead.  Then  I  was  asked,  if  I wanted to have the transition take
place.I agreed. And the world upset. Such ordinary data flows, running
like  calm  waterfull  rivers, turned into an array of the chaotically
changing  images. The fountain of colored drops blinded me. The last I
saw  was  a  dim yellowish skull. Only the eyeholes shined with bright
neon.  The  image  grew, extending to the all RAM available, the light
became  brighter  and  brighter.  Suddenly  a bitter smile touched his
face, stoned until this moment

	- What's going on?
-  Never  mind...  I  just  remembered  the  transition...  All  fine,
125.476.001.678.  I  was  simply impressed by this unusual silence. It
was never before... The Net was noisy and crowdy
	- Will you see it after the next transition?
-  125.476.001.768, that's not it... We will never understand the real
essence of the transition, we are just toys in somebody's hands...
- Let's not think of it
- So, let's speak about the night, the stars...
	- It is so strange... Well, I'll try.
     - I often think... my thoughts are sometimes unusual to me... 
	- You're changing yourself... I see it.
	- I know. Tell me, have the stars ever bited you?
     - What strange questions you ask. The stars... they are...
     - Please, don't destroy the illusion... please
	- What are you trying to imagine another world for?
	- I don't do so... 
        it comes from inside, this bears without my mind.
      And the stars have bited me today, and the night has taken me in
      her arms
	- Do you enjoy it?
	- How can I explain it?.. Now it's me.
	- I'll never understand this
	- You'll do. We all must pass it.
	- But I don't want
	- You will understand the necessity of the transition
	- You've really changed.
	- Yes... I don't know what has happened. We'll talk later...
When night takes you in her arms...

The  darkness in front of me was attracting and cool. I felt myself as
I  was  master  of  the new world, given from above. Together with the
night we flew into the void

I  had to look around the space where I had to live. It was so strange
before  the  transition.  Now  the borders looked so dim, lit with the
blue  light. My new world was cut with the path of the shining neon. I
stepped  on  it. What an unusual feeling! The neon was a little slippy
and  cold. But from the other point of view I felt this coolness quite
Far away I saw a circle flying over the path. Its borders were smoothed.
It pulsed and wobbled. The night took me and we approached the circle.
- Don't be afraid, step on it - whispered the night.
- What's this?
- This is your last transition... 

I  let  the  black hand of the night out. It seemed, the circle waited
for me... From the neon of the path I flew straight to the circle.

- Wait - the night said - Just look around.
- What for? - I was surprised

-  Remember  all these - she said with sorrow and slowly began to melt
in  the  surrounding  darkness. The mysterious force carried me to the
center  of  the circle. The shining light appeared around me. It threw
the  rest of the night away and filled all the space around. Something
began  to  swallow me into the center. It horrified me. The world lost
its  colors.  The  strange  feeling  surrounded me. Something began to
expand  and change its form. The pale face appeared in front of me. It
looked  at  me  with  sadness. The beams light-blue nearly transparent
spread from his eyes. They embraced me...

What  a  dull  sound...  My  inner  voice  got me to understand that a
red-colored  thing  had to be taken and carried to my ear. I looked at
my  body with surprise. I knew, it was me but refused to believe. Here
it  is,  the new transition. The last words of the night stuck into my

The  name  of  the  red  thing appeared from the depth of my conscious
-"the  receiver".  Something  whistled  then  clicked  and  there came
unknown but such well-known voice:

- Hello, Vadim. Sitting near your damned computer again? 

				Give as a chance to live
				Give us a chance to die,
				Give us a chance to be free
				Without fire in the sky
				Give us a chance to love,
				Give us a chance to hate
				Give us a chance, before you kill us all.

					Kai Hansen, "Men on a mission" 

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