Undernet #dotr Chat transcript (Role-Playing)

There was really great and fun conversation on #dotr, which started suddenly (I enjoyed it a lot and think that others feel the same ;). And, wonderful role-playing experience! ;) So we decided that these logs should be posted here... and may be we'd hear your feedback about ideas discussed during the chat...?

The chat participants:

  • Hal3K
  • Agent Azimer
  • Agent Inity
  • Agent Nazgul
  • Sentinel Infi

I have to say that Hal3K was really strong in her beliefs and rebellion' leaders can be really proud of her! :)
(Will be the Matrix proud of us? I don't know 8)

Rebellion' leaders, where were you? ;)

Time is: Moscow time (GMT +3:00)
*** Azimer (azimer@ has joined #dotr
[13:35] <janterum> uhoh
<Hal3K> Sorry, queen 'o the typos tonight, what don't you understand? Hi Azimer!
[13:35] <janterum> AAA
<Azimer> after so long... I have returned :)
[13:35] <Azimer> I had to get reprogrammed
<Infi> hi Azimer
[13:35] <Azimer> Hello infi
[13:36] <Azimer> I am now an Agent again >=)
* Azimer puts on his shades
[13:36] <janterum> i must sleep now............i apologice..but will br back infaughter in 7 hours..........
[13:36] * Hal3K quakes in fear of agents lol
<Inity> Azimer: still on rebellion' side?
[13:37] <Hal3K> Good night k!
[13:37] <janterum> brckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrckbrck
[13:37] <Azimer> negative... gonna CRUSH the rebellion like the disease they are
[13:37] <Azimer> !!!
[13:37] <Infi> sweet dreams, kyote
<Inity> Azimer: glad to see it ;)
[13:38] <janterum> g'night.........I wish the most pleasant of Slumber for you all....
[13:38] *** janterum (edentree23@user-33qtgbj.dialup.mindspring.com) has left #dotr
[13:38] <Azimer> Oh yes... they will pay for their crimes. I don't like being here... and it's their fault... especially Trinity
[13:38] <Hal3K> lol
<Inity> Azimer: I wanted to ask you, do you have this in a written story or not?..
[13:38] <Azimer> have what?
<Inity> Azimer: your story
[13:39] <Azimer> Well... I think I know what you mean, but no... I don't write down anything
<Inity> Azimer: Trinity was telling me about you on rebellion' side or somewhat like that. I didn't understand was that in a story or just role-playing on boards
[13:40] <Azimer> My memory is still a little foggy from the virus Neo inserted into the Matrix core
[13:40] <Azimer> nah... just my wild imagination ;-)
<Inity> Azimer: why not write that down someday 8)
[13:41] <Azimer> grrr... Neo will suffer!
<Inity> Neo is so far, far away from our Russia... :)
[13:41] <Azimer> hmm... perhaps I will... it's what happen AFTER the matrix movie ended
[13:41] <Azimer> evil Neo and all his evilness
[13:42] <Azimer> though I am Agent Evil Azimer ;)
[13:42] * Azimer bows
[13:42] <Hal3K> Poor Neo, all he wants is to free humanity from your tyranny... lol
<Inity> =)))
[13:42] <Azimer> Our tyranny is saving that miserable species!!!
[13:43] <Hal3K> How sad for the species, then.
[13:43] <Azimer> Without us, they would ruin the world more then they have already!!!
<Inity> :)
<Inity> Oh my godness, what an energy 8)
[13:43] <Infi> Huh? 8)
[13:43] <Azimer> You are all a disease ridden rodents, and we are the exterminators
[13:43] <Infi> I like this words after all 8))
[13:44] <Hal3K> Who gave you the power to decide what needs exterminating, Az? :)
[13:44] <Hal3K> A machine?
[13:44] <Hal3K> How empty!
[13:44] <Azimer> Our 100Ghz brains :)
[13:44] <Hal3K> How hollow!
[13:44] <Hal3K> How pathetic!
<Inity> Hmm, I really feel that Azimer was just re-programmed, this inspiration/passion in Azimer's words 8)
[13:45] <Azimer> Hal3K: What is pathetic is watching you all destroy your selfs for a little piece of land
[13:45] <Hal3K> Yes, he could not achieve passion on his own, naturally. A machine must have done it.
* Inity really can't leave the channel when so interesting things happen...
<Inity> :)
[13:45] <Hal3K> :)
[13:45] <Hal3K> Battle of the naturals versus the synthetics.
[13:45] <Infi> Hal, what's the difference? 8))
[13:46] <Hal3K> The real versus the pathetics. :)
[13:46] <Hal3K> The true versus the prosthetic.
[13:46] <Infi> Hal how can you tell a real passion from inducted one? 8)))
[13:46] <Azimer> Hal3K: Human beings destroy more species then anything.
[13:46] * Hal3K plays Devil's Advocate
[13:46] <Azimer> Give me access to the Zion Mainframe!
[13:47] <Hal3K> But they create more beauty and art than any other species too!
[13:47] *** X changes topic to 'Agent Azimer is back to the Matrix' side! - Hurray! :)'
[13:47] <Azimer> There you are wrong
<Inity> :)
[13:47] <Hal3K> REally? Examples?
[13:47] <Azimer> The butterflies are more wonderful then your pathetic "Art"
[13:48] <Hal3K> Yet you wish to exterminate butterflies in your quest to eradicate the real. Explain?
[13:48] <Azimer> You art is just a plague of polluting materials plastered on unreusable raw materials
[13:48] <Azimer> Hal3K: Humans have destroyed the butterflies
[13:48] <Hal3K> And your killing of all living beings figures into this how?
[13:48] <Azimer> their hatred of us has driven them to destroy everything
[13:48] <Azimer> why?
[13:49] <Azimer> because they wanted to prevent us from getting the sunlight... how pathetically stupid
[13:49] <Azimer> We are doing you a favor by giving you the matrix
[13:50] <Hal3K> Humor me Agent, if you will. Humans' desire to prevent you from killing them all is wrong why?
[13:50] <Azimer> you can now live your life before you ruined it
[13:50] <Azimer> It's wrong because they killed all species doing so
[13:51] <Infi> Hal, agents are not killing humans without a _hard_ reason... 8)
[13:51] <Hal3K> Oh I see, so you're just finishing the job they started, is that right?
[13:51] <Infi> Hal but humans do that 8)
<Inity> yes, sure, Infi
<Inity> We are kind and gracious......
[13:51] <Hal3K> So you are essentially agreeing with their goals, correct? If you posit that their goals were to kill all living things.
[13:51] <Azimer> We are not killing any species... we are just preventing humans from hurting anything more
[13:52] <Infi> Hal, agents are trying to save the human race... despite how hard humans will act to die 8)
[13:52] <Infi> Hal, it's wrong. It's by no way a goal.
<Inity> Hmm...
[13:52] <Hal3K> So you derive your goals from their goals, correct? Do you have anything original to offer?
[13:52] <Hal3K> Or are you just parroting the superior beings?
[13:53] <Infi> Hal, if you think the Agents' goal is to kill every human - you're wrong.
* Inity just figured out that there are three agents and one sentinel on a channel right now, and only Hal3K is on the other side....
[13:53] * Hal3K can take you all
<Inity> so may be we need to convert you Hal? 8))
[13:53] <Infi> Hal hehe 8-E======
<Inity> rotfl
<Inity> :)))
[13:54] <Hal3K> :)
<Inity> Well, I'm not going to do that... (for the present) :)
[13:54] <Azimer> muhahaha
[13:54] <Infi> I just staying on my position. Every single being have a right to choose his ways.
[13:54] <Hal3K> To do what Inity, attempt a doomed-to-failure conversion?
[13:55] <Hal3K> lol!
[13:55] <Azimer> You thought Agent Smith was badass... fear Agent Evil Azimer!!!
[13:55] <Infi> It's no matter would it be a human or a squid, a rebel or an Agent...
<Inity> Hal: it's just my mission... :)
[13:55] <Hal3K> Dodge this, Azimer!!!!!!
<Inity> :))
[13:55] <Azimer> h4w... you can never kill an agent you feeble wannabe!
[13:55] <Infi> Inity, a mission or a wish? 8)
<Inity> Hal: to show people and rebals that we can be nice.... and that we have our truth...
<Inity> Infi: both :)
<Inity> I like it :)
[13:56] <Azimer> We are the truth
[13:56] <Azimer> the Matrix is the truth
[13:56] <Hal3K> Yes I know you creeps regenerate. But we will eventually prevail, and you know it.
<Inity> Infi: one our old friend joined our side yesterday... just after visiting my page. I was shocked...
[13:56] <Infi> Inity, "I'm unable to distinguish them any longer..." 8)
[13:56] <Hal3K> The matrix is a false system of control, weak and feeble, easy to unplug.
[13:57] <Infi> Inity who was it?
<Inity> If the matrix was programmed by Microsoft... 8)
[13:57] <Infi> Hal, look, there are THREE agents here, and no one even tried to touch you.
[13:57] <Azimer> You know something... if it's the machine the people were fighting against... why would Neo be so all powerful... I mean... all he could do it destroy the matrix... then what? The machine would fight and destroy those damn viruses once and for all
[13:57] <Infi> Hal and you are already boiling with hate... WHY? 8)
[13:57] <Azimer> so Neo is dumber then a door nail!
<Inity> Infi: one of RCL subscribers (lurkers mostly)
[13:58] <Hal3K> Yes as a natural peep, we do tend to hate you fake ones... :)
<Inity> Neo isn't dumb, he is a cheater 8)
[13:59] <Infi> Inity, you're hiding the name or it would just say nothing to me? 8)
<Inity> But we have legal administrative access rights 8)
<Inity> Infi: http://www.complife.net/galinfo.asp?id=113
<Inity> Infi: was searching for link :)
[14:00] <Infi> Hal, why do you? 8)) Agents are still a peeps, no matter artifical or natural ones. And they're more consistent and reasonable Ias I can see for now 8)))
<Inity> Infi: yesterday he requested an authorization on my ICQ... calling himself an Agent and I was really shocked 8)
[14:00] <Hal3K> All you have to fuel you is hatred, my Agent friend. That is a feeble fuel.
[14:00] <Azimer> my evilness carries across irc networks ;)
[14:00] <Hal3K> Humans can love, which is beyond your grasp.
[14:01] <Azimer> [05:02] *** NeoBlaze (neoblaze@mp-217-216-102.daxnet.no) has joined #nesdev
[14:01] <Azimer> [05:04] <Azimer> Neo... neo...
[14:01] <Azimer> [05:04] <Azimer> You will suffer the death of a thousand deaths!
[14:01] <Azimer> [05:04] <NeoBlaze> great!
[14:01] <Azimer> [05:04] <NeoBlaze> um, wait
[14:01] <Azimer> [05:04] <Azimer> Your crimes against the matrix will NOT go unpunished!!
[14:01] <Azimer> he had no clue what was coming ;)
[14:02] <Infi> Why hatred, Hal? Open your eyes! Their fuel is a mission, and an urge to keep their world intact!
[14:02] <Hal3K> Their shabby little bits and bytes world, yeah! Keep dreaming, Agents.
[14:03] <Infi> Hal, OUR world. We have only one of them as a reality... 8(
[14:03] <Azimer> Hal3K: would you like to die in the matrix or have our squids take you out?
[14:03] <Infi> Hal you people had destroyed it, poisoned and burned it... and you could not stop that...
[14:03] <Hal3K> And there is your sad limitation, Agent Infi. We have infinite worlds to choose from.
<nazgul> Hal: Are you sure' you're not dreaming NOW?
[14:03] <Infi> Hal So did we...
<Inity> :)))
[14:04] <Infi> Hal, I'm not an Agent... By no means I can be the one.
[14:04] <Azimer> Oh... I am gonna make a huge evil azimer post on the forum exploiting the flaws of your rebellion!!!
<Inity> Sentinel Infi 8)
[14:04] <Azimer> You will bow down to the matrix... they all will
<Inity> Azi, be careful
[14:04] <Hal3K> Destruction is easy. A child can do it. Construction takes more. Wisdom. Effort. Maturity. Things you Agents could never achieve.
[14:04] <Infi> Hal, you have only one world... WE SHARE it... and there is no other _reality_...
<Inity> Azi, or they will try to re-program you back to their side 8)
[14:04] <Azimer> hahahaha
[14:05] <Hal3K> Keep telling yourself that Infi, maybe you'll believe it yourself some day.
[14:05] <Azimer> hal... you fool!!! hahaha... humans have done NOTHING but destory the planet they call home!!!
[14:05] <Infi> Hal, exactly. You have near destroyed your world. Your ONLY world... and we could not stand aside and die as you will do that to the end.
* Inity totally agrees with Azi...
[14:05] <Hal3K> Yeah, yeah, a virus, bla bla bla, heard it all before.
[14:05] <Hal3K> Bored now.
<nazgul> Hal: You have a very bad habit I think,: always act and think as a Warrior Of The Light: "Who is not with us is against us..."
<Inity> Hmm, rebels' brainwashing results... we all can see :( :)
[14:06] <Hal3K> Yes indeedy I am against evil Agent think. Yep!
[14:06] <Azimer> Hal should be reinserted into the matrix before it's too late
[14:06] <Infi> Hal so to keep the world at least alive, to have a chance to recover it some day... we isolated the humans inside the Matrix
<Inity> Hal, why do you think we're evil...
[14:06] <Azimer> we may have to destroy hal
<nazgul> Hal: EVIL? Hmmm...
[14:06] <Azimer> what do you think Agent Inity?
<Inity> -- says Inity with sad and lovely voice :)
[14:07] <Hal3K> Because you hate me and you haven't even met me, that is evil to me.
[14:07] <Infi> Hal giving them a chance to wait till the time we heal the wounds you did to a relity...
<Inity> Azi: about what? :)
[14:07] <Azimer> wait wait wait
[14:07] <Azimer> stop
[14:07] <Azimer> Hal3K? Umm... role playing? We love you :)
[14:07] <Hal3K> So Infi you acknowledge a reality beyond the false one you inflict on everyone?
<Inity> yes, we love you... ;)
[14:07] * Hal3K knows we're playing, I am playing too
* Inity loves people and hates to kill them 8)
[14:07] <Azimer> I am just playing my role
[14:08] <Hal3K> :)
* Inity loves being in character like now 8)
[14:08] <Infi> Hal, of course, and noone hid it. There IS a reality you had tried to destroy.
[14:09] <Hal3K> Me or ignorant idiot rich white guys?
[14:09] <Infi> Hal and the humanity will NOT survive it still.
[14:09] <Hal3K> You'd think a sentient program could make finer distinctions than you all seem capable of making.
[14:09] <Infi> But we're working on it... and some day the Earth will be suitable for your humans again.
[14:09] <Azimer> Infi: is that wise?
[14:09] <Azimer> Releasing the humans?
[14:10] <Azimer> that is insane!
[14:10] <Infi> Sentinels are not just a rebel killers... They are those who cleaning and healing the wounded planet right now
<Inity> Infi, yes....
[14:10] <Infi> while humans are enjoying the illusion they got used to.
[14:10] <Hal3K> Planet that sustains your Agent selves too, I might mention...
[14:11] <Hal3K> We were here before you were, therefore you should leave.
[14:11] <Infi> Hal, the humans struck first in that fight...
[14:11] <Hal3K> "We don't know who struck first, us or them." ~Morpheus
[14:11] <Infi> Hal sure, we may leave... eat your redioactive dust by yourselves... 8)
[14:11] <Infi> Hal, it's what Morpheus thinks about it, no more.
[14:12] <Hal3K> Ok, yum!!!! Go!!!!
[14:12] <Infi> Sentinels have exact recordings...
[14:12] <Infi> With exact dates of every event...
[14:12] <Hal3K> Yet sentinels assert falsehoods on a constant basis. Explanation?
<Inity> :))))))
[14:12] <Infi> Hal, we're trying to follow the First Law...
[14:13] <Infi> Hal to protect the human beings by all possible means...
[14:13] <Hal3K> Above All Else, Do No Harm? That Law?
[14:13] <Infi> As well as the Third one - to protect ourselves as long as it is not violates the First one...
[14:13] <Infi> Yes, it is 8)
[14:14] <Hal3K> So in your pathetic Agent views, "protect"= enslave?
[14:14] <Infi> Don't you think there is much safer being on a radioactive planet surface than in a well-guarded capsules? 8)
<Inity> Infi, didn't you see this? -- http://www.atrus.ru/rus/picks.asp?f=991210   - it's in russian, an interview with Wachowski's
<Inity> I don't think that's a slavery
[14:15] <Infi> No. We do not enslave you, we're not using your services in any way. We just keeping you alive and well till the day you can safely exist on a surface.
[14:15] <Hal3K> But we do and you don't respect our views. You are using our electricity.
[14:15] <Infi> And we're making this day closer every now.
[14:16] <Hal3K> Your failure to acknowledge your use of us disturbs me, and reconfirms my knowledge that you are not fit to rule us.
[14:16] <Infi> Hal, you may stop giving your electricity 8))) You are free to do that, just express it with loud and clear voice.
[14:16] <Infi> Hal strangely, not a single human did that 8))
[14:16] <Hal3K> At what point in your brainwashing scheme were they allowed to? And many rebels have expressed just that, btw. All you do is send squiddies after us.
[14:17] <Infi> Rebels were trying to destroy the Matrix... and to kill EVERY SINGLE HUMAN in it by that act. We Sentinels cannot allow this
[14:17] <Hal3K> No answer, hun?
[14:18] <Infi> So we're fighting the rebels to keep ALL OTHER peeps alive.
* Inity drinks cola and thinks how to translate the last question...
[14:18] <Hal3K> Oh I see, you love humanity so much that you want to keep us all alive. But you're not using us for anything, right?
[14:18] <Infi> Hal, we're not using you against your wishes.
[14:19] <Hal3K> Sez who?
[14:19] <Hal3K> You? Bwahahahaha!
[14:19] <Hal3K> What right do Agents have to say what humans' wishes are?
[14:19] <Infi> Hal yes, we have to collect your body heat and electricity... cause you didn't leave us a choice by scorching th sky
[14:19] <Hal3K> Didja ever ask any of us?
[14:19] <Hal3K> Yes, we did. Hydroelectric power, for example.
[14:20] <Azimer> Hal3K: Do you know what?
[14:20] <Hal3K> You were just too stupid to think of creative alternatives.
<Inity> Where did you see water in this desert of reality...
[14:20] <Hal3K> What Az?
[14:20] <Azimer> There is no spoon :)
[14:20] <Hal3K> :)
[14:20] <Infi> Hal it's a third law... and you're not getting any hurt by this, so it is not a voilation of a First one.
[14:20] <Hal3K> No harm no foul, but you all have no fricken clue what you are talking about, lol!
[14:21] <Infi> Hal, we have no time or wish to think of alternatives. Just let us recover the world and then we'll have a well tested one - a solar enerrgy.
[14:21] <Infi> Hal, it's just pointless... 8(
[14:22] <Infi> Hal, at least I may say you thanks... for hearing me.
<Inity> Infi's right...
[14:22] <Hal3K> You can tell yourselves that all you want, because you are incapable of perceiving the point, thus you must invalidate it. No prob INfi, thanks for the fun sparring!
[14:23] <Hal3K> I've been laughing my head off over here!
[14:23] <Infi> Many rebels just argue with their eyes closed shut... not even trying to see the situation from Other Side....
<Inity> Can I say that it was useless?...
<Inity> I don't think so...
[14:23] <Hal3K> I see the Other Side, Infi, but it is not the Only Side, as you seem to believe. Too bad you can't see beyond it.
<Inity> yes, Hal... just try to look from the Other Side. One day. I don't call anyone to join Other Side, I just call them to look...
[14:24] <Infi> Hal, I cannot _prove_ you my position. So you are. And noone is converting you or insisting on you getting to other side...
<Inity> (and it will be only your own choice..... :)
[14:24] <Hal3K> Good luck peeps, I only pity you your weakness in needing converts so desperately.
* Inity thinks if log of this chat should be posted on the forum?...
[14:25] <Hal3K> That would be hilarious. I'd like other rebels' views to be represented too.
<Inity> hmm... Trinity will blame us all... and call our words a brainwashing :(
[14:25] <Infi> Hal just accept that there are many versions of the world events... and your point is not mandatory the right one.
[14:25] <Hal3K> Attempted brainwashing, lol!
[14:25] <Infi> Yes.., She's one of those peeps with eyes closed.
[14:25] <Hal3K> Yeah, poor soul. :( lol!
<Inity> Infi: you think she is hopeless... and she can't understand...?
[14:26] <Hal3K> Eyes never used because of you Agents, no?
[14:26] <Infi> Inity, I think she don't WISH to understand... standing stubbornly on her points of view 8(
[14:27] <Infi> Hal, again you're trying to insult... not to discuss or understand, but to insult... why?... 8(
<Inity> Hal, eyes... just a metaphoric saying
[14:28] <Hal3K> Why are you so threatened by our natural capacities, btw? Sight, movement... Is it because you all are aware of your frailty? INsults seem the order of the evening, and seem to be making us all laugh is why!
<Inity> Hal: you receive all electrical signals with information... about the world 8)
[14:28] <Hal3K> And your point would be?
<Inity> Infi, yes,,, she don't wish.
<Inity> She thinks that codes to Zion is all what I want from her 8)
[14:28] <Infi> Hal, squids have far more developed sight and movement... 8) And noone is threatened.
[14:29] <Hal3K> That if you can take control of those electrical impulses, you will feel safe from our threatening questions? Or our terrifying desire for autonomy?
[14:29] <Azimer> This agent needs to catch some Zzz
[14:30] <Azimer> ;-)
[14:30] <Hal3K> Sweet dreams Az!
[14:30] *** Azimer is now known as SLEEPnAEA
[14:30] <SLEEPnAEA> AEA = Agent Evil Azimer ;)
[14:30] <Infi> "Which banner would you choose to stand below? // A Twilight one, a Black one or a White one?"
<Inity> Infi: oh my godness... 8)
<Inity> my poetry?! :)
[14:31] <Infi> Hal your terrifying desire to die... and kill your world along with yourself.
[14:31] <Infi> Inity, yes... just a bad try... 8)
<Inity> hmm... what a beautifull converstaion... but...
[14:32] <Hal3K> You interperet a desire to live free of you as a desire to "die". How limited are your constructs.
* Inity thinks when she will be able to press "disconnect" :(
[14:32] <Hal3K> Me too Inity, I'm tired, though this has been very fun.
[14:32] <Infi> Inity and "twilight" is from "light"... 8)
<Inity> Hal: we can continue that later ;)
[14:32] <Hal3K> I hope you Agents can have neat tidy little Agent dreams tonight.
<Inity> Hal: any time you like 8)
[14:33] <Hal3K> :)
<Inity> :)
[14:33] <Infi> 8))
* Inity is going offline and out of character...
[14:33] <Infi> Anyway, that was rather pointless.
<Inity> :)
[14:33] <Hal3K> Good night you characters you!
[14:33] <Hal3K> :)
<Inity> I think we should post logs on the forum, or not?
[14:33] * Infi is going home at last... 8)
[14:33] *** Hal3K has quit IRC (Hal3K was kidnapped by daemonic Fraggles. Pray for her!)
[14:33] <Infi> g'bye peeps, see ya tomorrow.
* Inity is leaving
Session Close: Thu May 18 14:43:00 2000

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