The Debatrix

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The Debatrix:
What Neo and co. r doing is wrong:

   Within the matrix people may lead their own lives, they can do what
they  want as long as it doesn’t interfere with the running/working of
the  matrix. I.e. as long as they don’t try and destroy it. So peoples
lives are not scripted. If they were Neo would never have been able to
look  for morpheous and the police (at the beginning) would never have
been  able  to  go  and  get  Trinity,  if u remember in the film this
directly disobeys the orders of the AI.

   The  creation of the matrix has saved both ‘sides’ from extinction.
Although  info about how the AI began is sketchy in the film, cartoons
indicate  that  the AI simply began as robots, programmed to do menial
jobs   such  as  cleaning.  They  then  achieved  a  higher  level  of
consciousness,  consistent  with  that of sentient beings and probably
revolted.  By  that I mean there was an uprising as we were using them
as slaves.

   Once  the  sky  had been scorched humans would have been wiped out;
the existence of Zion is hard to believe, how can they survive without
sunlight?  The point is that even if they managed to ‘unplug’ everyone
they  wouldn’t have the resources to support them. The creation of the
matrix  has  allowed the survival of humans and AI. It is worth noting
that  the  original matrix was a utopia but it failed. (A reference to
to  Garden  of  Eden  perhaps?  The  red pill = the apple?) What could
humans  possible create that would be better than the matrix? The fact
that  this  utopia failed lends support to the idea that the AI do not
have complete control.

   The  AI are painted as the ‘badguys’, but all they are trying to do
is  survive.  We created them so in a sense they are our children. The
AI  are  alive.  The legal and medical definition of death is when all
brain  activity  stops.  So life then can be defined as the intangible
essence of who we are, not the physical biological stuff, which, after
all can be sustained indefinitely by life support machines. It is this
essence  this  intangible quality that exists within the matrix, it is
this  same  essence of which the AI are comprised. All Agent Smith and
co.  are  trying  to do is prevent the extinction of their race. It is
true  that  they  take  over  the  virtual bodies of people within the
matrix  and  in  so  doing  get them killed (such as the tramp and the
police  men), but Trinity and Neo killed about 40 ordinary people when
they  went  to  save  1 person. Consider this, if Neo and co. were not
trying  to  destroy  the matrix then Agent Smith and co. would have no
reason to be there.

Basically I believe the only solution is to make peace with the AI.

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