[2] "Time to look from the Other Side"

Warning. Under reconstruction!

We came out from the deep
To help and understand, but not to kill
It takes many lives till we succeed
To clear the debts of many hundred years.
That's why we are here!

Enigma "The Cross Of Changes" - "Out From The Deep"

It's always hard to write the first words. The introduction.

"Other Side" Project wasn't created as only Matrix-related site, even if it appears sometimes as such kind. This section of the Project was set especially to feature the Other Side point of view at other famous movies, books and universes... And, I just started to sort and systemathize these things... other places on this site are developed better; you've reached always-under-construction area here...

There's lots of stuff to come. And, I'd be happy to place here your contributions...

Let's begin...

"Labyrinth of reflections" and "False Mirrors" by Sergey Lukianenko

Russian best-selling books about the virtual reality. "Cyberpunk with human face", as named by author himself.
The english translation of "Labyrinth of Reflections", made by a fan, is available here. Unfortunately, "False Mirrors" aren't translated yet.
Other side:
"Those who don't drown" by Alexey Mas' [russian] - parody, written from the ordinary people point of view.

See also:

"Nocturnal patrol" and "Diurnal patrol" by Sergey Lukianenko and Vladimir Vasiliev

As authors say, this dilogy is "Urban Fantasy" genre. The forces of Lights once had an agreement with the forces of Darkness, and created two patrols to watch one over other... "Nocturnal patrol" is the patrol of Light forces; "Diurnal", in turn, the one of forces of Darkness. The dilogy is writen from two different points of view.
We enjoy adding references to this dilogy in our Matrix fanfiction. Oh, not, not a crossover, of course!

For example, in "Children of the Night" Michael asks Agent Inity if she has a "Diurnal Patrol" book. When the story was being written, the distribution of the file was strongly forbidden (but of course there were illegal scan copies on the Net). Agent Inity says in answer that she has a file - for her there's no difference between a file or a book; these are just different forms in which the information can be presented.

"Emperors of Illusions" by Sergey Lukianenko

Russian space opera based on "Master of Orion" game universe. One (and may be the only one!) fanfic to this book was written about the main "bad guy" in it... - "Vyacheslav Shegal" by Valeriy Kukushka [russian].


hmm, if we started to talk about space operas... of course we have to mention Star Wars. And, of course, the Dark Side :)

The Dark Side of Star Wars Universe

[03.05.2000 at Undernet Matrix channel #dotr]
* Redraptor imagines inity talking in a darth vader "Come join the dark side...*breathing noises*"
<Inity_> :)))))))))))))))))))))
<Inity_> Oh, not :)))

[This was written in early 2000. My views of course were *slightly* changed since that.
Wait for updated links collection first, and for international Sith Community site, re-built and re-lived, next. Links to friendly imperial sites will be added as well]
I will inform about the news.

Hmm... I definitely have to add here more about my and my friends' view of Star Wars...
I can't call myself a real fan of this movie, but I love it. I remember how I was watching it the first time in my childhood and how I wanted Luke to join the Dark Side. Unfortunately, he didn't, but the movie anyway was great :)
There are many sites on the Net featuring the Dark Side, and my journey around Star Wars fan sites just started. It was like a travel into another universe... You know, when a Matrix fan visits Star Wars sites he frequently feel confused about "what pod races are for" :) and, I'm still wondering, how many people actually composed the joke "Neo, join me and we will rule the Matrix together...", being completely independent in that? I don't know, but I was one of them once...

I rapidly discovered that I'm accustomed to understand the words "Rebellion" and "Resistance" only as "Zion Resistance" and so I simply had no choice but join the Dark Side to have my feelings about "the Rebellion" in Star Wars Universe equal to my Matrix feelings :)

Here are some good starting points for you, for the beginning. More to come... I have to look around russian sites too...

Dark Lords of the Sith

[Warning! Site is under reconstruction!]

I enjoyed the site and was pleased to see the strange similarities between it and my "Other Side Project". I mean the concept and the spirit... (should we explain that by the Force or other things? :) Enjoy. I loved the design, the creativity and plenty of information the site provides. And, tips about writing fanfics are very good. may be someday I'll be writing "Tips how to make good Agenty Matrix Fanfiction?" Who knows :)

Dark Side of the Force

Another good and creative site. Information, that's most important. And this site has it. And, really interesting.

Fallen Jedi

May be I didn't want to add this link from the beginning, but the words on the entry page of the site were attractive so much. So I placed the banner and now have a right to quote them ;)

There is no peace, there is Anger;
There is no fear, there is Power.
There is no death, there is immortality;
There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side.

 There are more Star Wars Dark Side sites on the Net, but... don't I want to turn this site into a Star Wars fan-site? :) I think I don't, and stop calling me Darth Inity, ple-ease. 8)

[just because we all know one other and we don't need official titles here. -D.I., 2002]

Coming soon:

~ "Lord of the Rings" and "The Dark Book of Arda" (Black Silmarillion)
- I never loved fantasy, but we simply must add "Lord of the Rings" and Other Side view of it. It doesn't mean that I'm a fan of Tolkien or Niennah.

And more...

And some fun and interesting stories and poetries, anf links, related to "Looking from the Other Side" topic (if you want to read Matrix-related Other Side fanfics, please visit [Fiction] section of the site).

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