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I've been searching for the truth behind
What the prophets have sealed
So exotic every faith I found
And beyond my ordeal
There's a very attractive appeal
I've been deep inside the human mind
Living under a ban
We've all come to know as space and time
No more top of the clan
I resign and accept who I am

Vacuum "Pride in my religion"

Don't take it too seriously, but... we're all somewhat romantic! ;)

It all started... well, in april 1999, when I've seen 'the Matrix' first time.

I liked the movie; but from the very beginning I found like a "splinter in my mind"; I found that something prevents me from accepting resistance/Zion position, and when I watch the movie, I sympathize to agents more than to rebels. It confused me a lot, to be honest. Again and again, watching the movie, I was thinking, why can't I feel myself on Zion's side?

That first time, when the astonishing sight of power plants appeared on the screen, I thought that this structure was built by people. Yes, by people, who liked Virtual Reality more than Real World (like me...) and who dreamed about brain implants, direct connections to the Virtual Reality... who called theirselves computer addicts, and in whose dreams was someday born the First Matrix, global virtuality system, perfectly described by William Gibson... I was even a bit disappointed when Morpheus said that the Matrix was created by mashines. But may be, some people who were on the "Other Side" from the beginning, helped to AI's with creating the Matrix. I'm not sure, but I can't believe to Zion in everything that they say in the movie.

So the simple formula appeared in my mind:

Global Virtual Reality System is good.
The Matrix is a Global Virtual Reality System.
Is the Matrix good?

Sounded like something unthinkable!..

I went to Warner Bros. forums to ask some questions, and If I remember that correctly, my first question was "Who are the Agents?"; we were discussing that in my conference in FIDOnet, and I wanted to clear the point. I've got a reply from a guy with an Agent nickname and I really wondered how somebody can be on the 'Other Side'? But, on the other hand, who said that we all should admire Zion?..

In november 1999, we were discussing that again, and my friend Dmitry Novikov posted the message about choosing the Agents' side. I was amazed by that post. Unfortunately I haven't much time to join the thread, but I was reading it with big interest.

And, this topic came back again to our conference in March 2000, and so I was talking to my friend Pasha, and he wrote: 

- If I lived in the Matrix, I wanted to be an Agent.

Well, that point of view again! And, it sounded more and more attractive... So I wrote to him with real interest:

- Do you think you'll be asked for that? Agents are programs. Can you become a program?
- Yes.
- How? Share your experience?

He didn't replied, but I was still thinking about that subject. I was looking 'on the other side' of this idea and I was going back again to my formula:

Global Virtual Reality System is good.
The Matrix is a Global Virtual Reality System.
The Matrix is good.

I can't be against the Matrix... I can't be with Morpheus... Let's face it? It's _our_ way. I recalled all my messages I've sent to conferences before: "Think rational! Do you really want a freedom in eating single-celled protein in the 'desert of reality', in the world without a sun in the sky? I understood, that I can't be on Zion's side... and if so, should I join the Other Side, and how?

It was deep night, about 3:00 AM or so. "Wake you up in the middle of the night, just to hear them say..." Well, no voices. A silence, if don't count just little cooler noise from a computer. My usual loneliness in the light of the monitor... So "I was thinking to myself"... I looked at my friend's message and asked: "How?" How, my friend, do you think you can join agents, and would they even need you or ask you? But, on the other hand, if they really could be interested in human soul with all its knowledge, feelings, experience, understanding, and if it could help them to be more effective... Would they ask? Or... just come...?

It was like a flash in the darkness; I closed my eyes, and when opened, so I found myself writing down my story...

[read in russian][read in english]

The name came from message of other my friend (Eugene Sorochinsky) who was joking about one of my taglines: "Life will be much easier if I had the source code". But the file was saved under neme "Agent_Inity.txt". I've sent it to my friends under another name, but all of them after reading it started to call me 'Agent Inity", and so like in my favorite Vacuum song "I resign and accept who I am" ;)

At least, it's very interesting, to look at things from the Other Side!.. Didn't you tried before?

In [Other Side] section of this site I collect all interesting information about this un-standartized point of view. Not only at the Matrix, but at Everything. I really enjoy my collection and I hope it will grow...

I've seen lots of Matrix fans pages, and nearly all of them are like twins. Like all were copied one from another; again at again "Follow the white rabbit, take a red pill", but think rational... what does that really mean?  Welcome - to the desert of reality,  enjoy - single-celled protein and 'barraks-regimen' life, for many years, in the rusty Neb... without the light... without your own will, just execution of Morpheus' orders...  can you call that _life_? I already can't; but, "happy little life" of people who're 'plugged in' now isn't for mee too. I looked at the Life' source code... ;)

It's time to look from the Other Side! ;) Assure you, many things from this side look really brilliant.

Some more...

And, to the beginning...

"Agent of the Matrix, Smith" thread in my conference Ru.Computer.Life was started by Dmitry Novikov at 11/20/1999 and the discussion continued during three months. Summary size of all messages is about 200 Kb; and, I just selected most interesting messages from there. I remember that some people (anf even my friends) started to complain "When Ru.Computer.Life will stop discussing Agent Smith and find better topic?!", and may be it was really too much... I was timid in that thread, though.

All messages are in russian language... Sorry for all my guests who don't speak russian.

How do we know the Matrix isn't real. The film could be an attempt by the agents to stop us searching for the truth by openly showing us it and labelling it Fiction. -- Sleep 2 Dream, on Warner Bros forum :)

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