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Guardian Angels of the City night

For images alt-tags were used: quotes from "The Matrix", "Life.c", "The Inquisition song", "They never will be satisfied"... >B )
If you have any information (except filmography) about Paul Goddard (who played Agent Brown), please, share with me. Thanks ;)


We're all somewhat romantic Greetings, Trinity! We're guardians of the Order. We always win. We've got to you, mr.Anderson

"No zachem zhe stulja lomat'?" :)

Hold on...

and relax...

You are going to help us, mr.Anderson...

an  order...  a  wish... and I will not be able to disobey it.

Just doing my job...

The world around will never be alive again.

Never send a human... I was a human once?

Tranquility. Confidence. Coldness

I listen to my fingers  punch the keyboard...

'Cause the Inquisition's here and it's here to stay!'

Perhaps we are asking wrong questions...

The phantasmal system, majestic Order...

You'd better change your point of views TODAY!

Confess, don't be boring.

"I just got back from the Auto-da-fe."

What were you doing?

...dying and being born again and again...

Did you want an exit?

I told you that I can only show you the door.

Together we shall be able to destroy Zion.

The protection...  of  thousands  souls  dreaming.

I don't believe he was the One.

Again  and  again  - what for?


"We keep the order. The order in this world. That is the best for everyone, best suited for humanity itself. The Order that placed in it's base. That is coded in the sources. That should not be widely known. We're protecting the world from chaos and destruction."
(c) Agent Inity "Life.c"


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