Suicidal Assurance

written by Kamikaze_

The Tower

Apparently my non-existence didn't matter to me. My crazy drugs didn't get rid of the green codes,
the pulsing signals, and the annoying sounds in my brain. I would sit at a coffee shop and rub my temples,
trying to keep the headaches away. My coffee faded in and out of reality and I thought I was going insane.
I looked up with a horrible look on my face, my drugs were long gone, and the side-effects taken care of.
(I decided they weren't worth doing after I went to a rehab-center.) I saw code... Matrix. Matrix.... M.. a... t... r... i.... x.... Huh?? Arrgh!!
The headache turned into a migraine.. Then it was gone. I was still sitting in the coffee shop, when I was tapped on the shoulder.
I almost jumped. Aren. "Oh, its just you." I smiled nervously and let out a deep breath. He sat on the seat across from me.
"Scared you or what? You'd think you were doing something illegal or something." I leaned over and sipped my coffee.
I closed my eyes, ignoring the hair strands in front of them. I needed to cut it shorter, but that wasn't a concern at the moment.
"You ever feel like there's another dimension, and you've tapped into it somehow,"
I set my cup down and open my eyes (they had a sharp look to them), "or perhaps you're in the wrong dimension..."
Aren leaned back and put his hands behind his blond head. "Pacy, don't know what you've been taking..
but perhaps it's just all in your head." He raised an eyebrow. I shook my head. " Yah, right."
My hands were folded on the table, and I let my thumbs circle. I sighed. "You wouldn't understand."
I sensed something. My head jerked to the left and saw a man in black flash across the street.
Two government agents followed behind him. "Wow, did you see how that guy moved?" Aren commented.
My mouth just hung open. Maybe I just needed some sleep.
Aren and I watched as the man in black got two 'heroic' shots at his pursuers, and they hit the ground..
as normal people??
I was about to say something to Aren when my head started paining again. The fluxing green code circled around him and.. he was gone.
In his place was one of those.. government agents..
I looked up at him in awe, his gun was in his hand and his suit was way different from
Aren's hawaiin-clothing..
The man was standing up and was shoving chairs out of his way, like toys.. as he headed out the door.
He had a one set mind, none of us really existed to him it seemed..
I didn't understand that then.
But I do now...
I rushed outside and watched him shoot at the man in black..
He didn't miss as he ran in pursuit.
What made me follow him?
Pure insanity.
I wanted to ask him..
what is the green code??
I was turning corners faster than my legs could carry me..
I didn't understand that then either..
All I knew was that nothing mattered but my question.
Agent Smith stood over the dead body of the resistant.
He looked down in automon fashion.
Then he kicked it.
How he hated them. They made his 'life' hell.
Suddenly he stopped in alarm and pressed his receptor closer to his ear.
He turned toward the corner of the building down the alley..
Another threat.
I watched the man in black's body fall with several shots of the government agent's gun.
Then he kicked the body in obvious disgust and hatred.
I would have never guessed.. that agents did those kinds of things..
No confessions, just shoot-'em-up-bang-bang.
But in this case there was awhole lot of 'bang-bang's.
I was about to leave and go into denial over what I just saw, when the headaches returned.
The swirling code engulfed me, as I pushed on my temples.
I was in fear of being taken over by it, and being treated with the violence I had just witnessed.
"No...! Stop it!! Go awAY!" Why now?
To normal people, I looked like I was having some kind of seizure..
In my mind I screamed, what are you??...
I heard the systematic code say, I am the Matrix..
I fell the the ground in utter pain..
My body was bending with the code..
to the people on the city sidewalks, I was some kid who was 'coming off some drug'..
I looked at my coded hand, and looked up at the people running away from me..
all.. made up of this.. green code..
called the Matrix..
Suddenly I picked up on something.
I felt thoughts, thoughts about the people who.. were like that man in black..
coming closer and closer,
and it was growing more and more angry.
I looked up and saw the reason why people were running.
The government agent had a gun to my head.
Agent Smith grew angry.
Not another.. He was so tired of this.
He reloaded his gun and started walking with it posed close to his face..
"This just isn't your day today.."
But then again,it was never his day.
He could hear the Matrix noisely responding to a scream within..
It shocked him temporarily.
Whoever this was had made contact with the System some how..
He turned the corner and looked down at the squirming body in front of him.
It was the girl he had seen in the coffee shop.
His gun was pressed against her head, and he coldly watching her reaction to its presence.
She looked up and peered.. into his very mind.
She was looking into his program..
She looked up at him like those.. 'children' they bore..
These occurrences happened in seconds,
and so did it when he pulled the trigger.. right at her stomach..
She was falling in her blood, staring at the gun as if in slow motion.
I looked up at him.
Same guy, same anger.
I could tell he was testing the reaction I was having with the gun close to my head.
I was a threat to him.
I could sense it.
His code.. was similar to that of..
I watched as the green code formed into 'real' life,
and the bullet as well..
I felt it penetrate my bowels..
but my attention was on the gun the agent was holding.
I put my hand on the blood that was gushing out of my wound..
Somehow, something was telling my brain that it wasn't real.
My mouth was wide opened as I looked up at the agent, the bullet and the mess gone.
He looked puzzled and angry.
His forehead creased and his teeth clenched for a moment.
But only for a moment.
He calmly looked down and pulled the trigger a couple of times.
I was in the code again, watching the 'bullets' in slow motion,
and watched as they entered my coded body, rippled, and then disappear..
as if no longer extant..
I was amazed.
The agent was a little agitated to be sure..
This woman is no mere potential.
Agent Smith thought.
He straightened himself and replaced the gun in its holst.
He held out a hand to help her up,
in a cold, nonchantly way.
She took it.
I strolled with the government agent.. named Smith..
I had read that in his code..
I couldn't sense anything more, because,
my headaches came and went like that.. they didn't last long..
and I couldn't really control them.. yet.
I walked with him, and I knew that somehow, he didn't care for my outfit.
But my nightmares had plugged it into me..
Long black, shiny leather trench-coat, tight green-kacky colored(short sleeved) shirt,
and green swade shoes.
Yes, my pants matched my trench-coat, and my glasses were just green lenses supported by
two lone extentions(the stems of the glasses that go behind your ears) and a small black strip of metal
that held them on my nose.. I loved them.
My hair was dark black, short, spiked, and gelled.. That's how I liked it.
Somehow I felt like this was definitely not a way to impress this guy..
But what was I supposed to do about that?
We walked side by side, saying nothing, matching each others moves perfectly.
Was he testing me?
And.. just where were we going?
Agent Smith was not at all pleased by her outfit.
She looked like the other resistants.
But.. if she was one, why was she with him?
She matched every move he made.
Every turn was timed in perfection with his.
He was interested.
Perhaps more than logical sense..
He had sensed that when he first saw her at the café.
Perhaps he could squeeze some information out of her..
He'd take her to the Tower that night.
Women were easy like that, nice restaurant, romantic setting..
instant information.
He'd done it before, and after they left, he'd leave their cadavers in an alley somewhere..
It would work again.
Or.. would it?
I was shocked when we stopped in front of the Tower.
It was well into the evening now, and I was hungry..
but the Tower??
That had to be the last place I wanted to be..
Every once and awhile some murders occurred near here...
I read the newspapers, and I wasn't stupid either.
He had tried to kill me an hour ago, why not after eating at this romantic.. classic atmospheric place??
I turned and touched my temples in fake pain.
I had to make the code come. It would tell me what to do??
I felt a strong hand grasp my shoulder, bringing me back to face.. 'the reality' of this situation.
The code didn't come, and I took a deep breath and then turned back to the agent.
"After you."
He gestured with his hand towards the elevator.
I mockingly smiled, not only in response to his fake one,
but because I fully aware of the fact
that I had to comply with his orders for now..
for now.
Agent Smith stopped in front of the Tower.
He knew the building well.
He almost smirked at the thought of how stupid those women were..
so unsuspecting.. so dazzled in the moment of being with a man in a suit..
but he new better.
If she..
She was crouched over!
If the code came, what if she read his mental output??
He grasped her shoulder, bringing her into recognition of where they were.
She breathed in and then faced him.
"After you." He tried to smile..
After letting her pass in front of him, he stepped into the elevator and had the doors shut before others could enter.
He would have to slow down the elevator program again,
just like he did before.
He knew the routine, pull out the receptor, fold his glasses and place them in his front pocket,
and then walk over and place a hand on his hip, and lean on the other arm, his face looking closely into the eyes of his.. victim.
"So.." He said, as he followed the steps of the routine..
"You want to tell me how you learned about the Matrix?"
She pushed her body against the wall of the elevator as he leaned toward her.
Strange.., she wasn't warming up to him like the others..
"No, not really."
She smiled weakly.
He'd have to try the next line..
I was alarmed at how the elevator slowed down it's upward ascent.
But time here didn't matter..??
I thought the doors did a double take.. deja vue..
I watched him remove his glasses and his receptor, watching me the entire time.
I was glad for my martial arts training then..
I still cringed when he leaned over me.. He was too close for comfort.
Smoothy, huh?
He had alot to learn about women, esp. me.
"Why is it you followed me?"
That was a question I wished he wouldn't have asked me.
I'd just give him one of several reasons.. perhaps that would satisfy him.
"First of all, what do you do when your best friend turns into some.. government agent??"
He smiled.
"Are you sure I wasn't there before?"
Ug. Psychological twistiszm. I hated that. Took it at college as a minor. New it like an open book.
I smiled and replied in my own way of the form.
"Are you sure I'm not here?"
Somewhere, that statement made sense.
She was saucy. He'd have to pull out the 'charm' for this one.
He let his head droop by her ear.
"You can't push away what's natural..."
She stiffened.
"If I didn't know any better, I'd say we were almost to the 16th floor.."
He was surprised when she ducked under his arm overhead,
and stood by the elevator's doors.
Dammit. Smart too.
We were seated now, at a nice table somewhere out of a whole lot of eye and ear radius'.
But at least I felt safer.
After the waitress left with my order, he spoke.
"I suppose you want to get down to business."
He leaned back, his glasses and receptor replaced.
His hands were folded together on the top of one of his crossed legs.
I leaned back in my chair and coldly blinked as I let my mouth loose..
"Yah, I'm tired of your phony 'seductions'. I don't live for fake romances. Sorry to disappoint you."
I smiled sarcastically.
He lifted his eyebrows and shrugged.
"You know who I am then?"
A waitress interrupted our conversation..
My food was done already?
I stuffed it into my mouth, trying to be as polite as I could be..
Considering I lost my job 3 days ago and.. well I hadn't eaten anything since then.
He just sat there the entire time.
After I downed the wine he had ordered earlier, I set about to putting on my leather gloves.
Something told me I would need them later..
"Sure I know who you are."
One of his hands was posed against his face in thought.
He had his glasses off again in a sincere gesture.
He waited for my answer.
"You're a centium/sentient program designed to rid the Matrix of any resistants.. 'rot' as you may call them.
Your whole purpose is to make sure nobody's out of its control."
I stopped with my head lowered and let my eyes look up at him.
He watched the girl eat.
Judging by the way she was trying to control herself, she obviously hadn't eaten in a couple of days.
Agent Smith sat there and watched her down a glass of wine.
He sensed something as she pulled out her gloves and started putting them on.
It was a signal coming from inside the System..
He was monitoring it when she spoke. Perfect timing.
"Sure I know who you are."
He took off his glasses so as not to.. seem distant.
He waited.
What she said shocked him. She must have captured that information when she read his code.
These were superior skills of code perception.
She'd have to die as soon as possible...
after he got what he needed out of her..
and by the way she was acting, it would be a long battle for it.

Shattered Glass

Fear, shivers of fear..
I could feel it in the pit of me..
It was like I could hear my own breathing.
I looked over and saw the waitress walk by..
once, twice, three times..
Then.. it was all gone.
A plain grey room, a desk, two chairs..
no doors, no windows.
No way out.
It was as if I was in slow motion as I kicked back out of my chair.
I looked over as Agent Smith was motioning me,
to 4 more Agents.
Pain. I felt the headaches rack me and throw me to the floor.
Not now.
Please not now.
I cried out in pain, more inside than outside.
Green coded figures came closer.
Fear accompanied them.
I was struggling with the
tremors of pain.. needed.. to defend myself..
I found myself looking into the program constructions of..
Agent Crary, Jones, Brown...
and Agent Ash.
I felt two of them hold my arms and pull me up off the floor a bit..
The code wavered away, now revealing 'reality'..
I felt sick to my stomach.. it was as if the whole world was spinning.
Agent Jones and Ash stood behind the menacing figure of Agent Smith.
He was mad, his jacket off and his sleeves rolled up..
His face was crunched up, I could've sworn he was sweating..
I didn't have time to check my assumption.
I watched in horror as he drew back his fist,
and hit the side of my face..
All of the sudden I was standing outside of myself,
watching him punch me, with his fist,
my body taking the force of the blows..
I could feel the pressure, but pain was drowned out by a dazed why..
Why wasn't I fighting back...
The echoes of the impacts, and the painful moans shocked me.
Where was I??
Fast forward, I fell to the ground as Agent Brown and Crary released me.
I saw puddles of blue, metallic fluid scattered all over the floor,
and I reached out to touch it.
As if my eyes corrected themselves, it turned the color of blood,
the same blood on Agent Smith's fist.
I heard nothing , all was silence to me.
The blood was returning to my body, and my wounds were healing.
Agent Ash and Jones looked at each other simultaneously
as I looked up at them.
I could taste the saltiness of the blood in my mouth, the sting as it returned to my main system.
I gritted my teeth at Agent Smith.
Somehow or another, he was going to feel my revenge..
I was humiliated. He didn't even let me fight back..
The blood on my fingers was just starting to soak back in,
when he smacked me.
It was hard enough to knock me out.
Agent Smith watched as her body hit the floor.
She was out.
"Do you see what I mean..?" He rubbed his wrists.
Agent Jones walked over and looked down at the girl's body.
"She is obviously a threat."
They were all gathered around her now, staring,
making assumptions on how to deal with her.
"But how did she gain such.. knowledge?"
"Not how, but where."
Agent Ash maneuvered around the others and turned the girl upwards with his foot.
"I disagree, it is both."
All went quiet in thought.
Agent Smith wiped off his fist on the edge of his shirt.
"We'll have to interrogate her.."
"Affirmative. Agent Jones, grab the metallic reconstructor fluid.
We'll do this right."
I woke up slightly, almost as if under acholic influence.
Images wavered to and fro,
and I tried to keep my eyelids level, but they wouldn't cooperate.
"She's coming out of it.." I heard a voice say.
"Inject the signature fluid."
Aagnnck. A felt a needle pierce my arm,
as a red fluid entered my system..
I was still trying to get a hold of myself when I looked over my shoulder.
I was still angry.
Agent Brown was sitting at a computer, looking over thousands..
Arrg. Pain..
People, people in the Matrix.. people in.. pods of some sort..
I couldn't believe what I was seeing. They were like my.. Headache. Ug.
After a couple of minutes, Agent Ash leaned over Brown's chair and looked at the screen.
"She's not here."
"I confirm that."
Again the simultaneous turning of heads.
Agent Crary bent near my chair and looked up at me.
"Amazing; she's not in the powerplants, she's not in the real world.."
"-but she's somehow apart of the Matrix."
"The System is confirming more signals located within."
Agent Jones was looking down at me.
"She's not hooked up on some hover-craft.."
"What are you?? A viral program sent by Zion programmers?"
Agent Crary was pondering in the out-loud.
Crary got to his feet and Agent Smith took his place.
I felt his hands grip my neck and both of my hands.
I gasped for air.
"Talk," His eyebrows lowered.
"And I mean NOW."
He squeezed harder(the other agents just watched),
and then released.
I was out of my haze. My mind was slowly clearing from their.. injections.
I was recovering my composure when his grip tighted on my hands.
"Okay. Okay.. I'm not.. human, machine, ... or program."
".. go on.."
"I am.. all three."
I sighed. All this time I was just hoping the dreams were only dreams..
but my fear was as just as real.
Ah, my past. I looked up at the ceiling. Denial had failed me.
I was going to have to face the nightmares..
that undoubtably were the truth of my existence..
I closed my eyes as I opened the book of my past..
"I am the result of an agent-resistant affair.
Program: Agent Sevan
Resistant: NMI, Areen Rendmire.
Partial Paternal Father: Jaffa Rendmire
I was presumed dead by all resistants due to the Incident at the Klifft hideout.
Agent Sevan murdered, or rather slaughtered all resistants within the Matrix-Real World facility.
His lover, my mother, was killed in the crossfire.
I was the only survivor, having been knocked out by his slamming open a door.
I was nine.
My name is Pacy Rendmire. I was an experiment, tested and operated on by Agent Sevan secretly.
His mysterious disappearance is accounted for(not by an overload in an effort to evolve higher),
but because I destroyed him.
Jaffa installed a special probe to initiate when my life is in danger.
Specifically when I get angry, it is activated and blocks out all signals from disturbing my Matrix abilities."
I paused to take a breath, and then continued.
"I was not about to let him tell me I looked like my mother,
nor let him touch me like he outputted. I was 13 at the time I destroyed him. That was 6 years ago."
Agent Jones swerved in a nearby chair.
"How did you get here?"
The computer was registerating my story as truth..
I was a little agitated by the sensores stuck to my arms and forehead..
but I preceded with the answer to Jones' question.
"My body is in a hidden cylinder-pod, and I have a holigraphic projection to guard it.
Here, I am in a no-name body, one my program has taken over since I was ten.
I am like you, I am you, and I am not you."
I looked around the room at the expresionless faces and then drooped a little.
I was tired, but I was ready to activate that chip if necessary.
Agent Crary broke the silence.
"This is an interesting situation we have on our hands."
Agent Jones pressed his receptor closer to his ear.
"Resistant confirmation." He motioned to some of the other agents.
"Let's go."
Agent Ash, Jones, and Crary walked through a new door in the wall and left their hosts outside of the room.
Only Agent Smith and Brown remained.
What were they going to do?
I was too tired to care..
Agent Smith and Brown turned their backs on Pacy.
"We could use this to our advantage."
"Her levels indicate bitterness towards the resistants for deserting her."
"Some made it out alive apparently."
"Yes. Her father was a computer genius, he would've prepared for an attack if possible."
Agent Smith turned towards the hunched over figure.
"But she is not as stupid."
Something appeared on the computer screen.
Smith walked over and scrolled through the readings..
Brown walked up behind him.
A couple of minutes passed as he scanned through some systematic recordings.
Brown paused. ".... she likes you."
Agent Smith wheeled his chair at her direction.
She was asleep. She wouldn't admit this if she were awake...
Impossible. She did not respond positively before..
"She must be dreaming."
Pacy lifted her head and put her forehead against his.
"I'm just.. dilusional.."
Her eyes were sharp looking as she withdrew back to her position.
Her readings didn't lie..
"Leave us. I can take care of this alone."
Agent Brown looked a little concerned, but he turned and left the room.
As soon as the door shut, they were alone.
I pulled the sensores off of me, keeping my eyes on his the entire time.
"What now? I gave you the information you needed."
"True.." He leaned forward.
"But there's something more.. intimate I want from you.."
I pushed against my chair. This had to be another trick of his.
"Get away from me."
He folded his glasses and pulled out his receptor.
"So you like me."
"I can't deny that now."
(I threw in a little sarcastic flare.)
He smirked. I know he could sense my hostility, I was very sure of it..
"What if I said.." He leaned closer, and I scooted my chair back in response..
".. I felt the same?"
"Fuck that. You're just saying that to keep me under your control, and pit me against the other resistants..."
"Bullshit, how could you evolve to such a level?"
"The same way Agent Sevan did." I could feel his hands on mine..
No... this is wrong..
"You're lying to me!"
Wham! I hit the wall hard.
I wasn't too surprised at this action, but when the room changed.. that's when I got worried.
It was dark, except for a window letting in what light the moon could shed..
It was raining..
Instantly I felt my hands being pushed into the wall..
I could feel blood trickle out the side of my mouth..
"Ever since I saw you.. in that café, I've wanted you.."
He looked me over and lifted an eyebrow before continueing.
"Your.. body."
"No. I don't.. believe it."
"You don't have to."
I could feel him press against me. I struggled.
"Why, Pacy, is it so hard to believe that a machine wants you..??"
His face was too close..
"Even in the elevator.." He was whispering in my ear.. I was trying to fight my impulses with everything I had..
"..I desired to make love to you.."
"No. No! I won't.. listen.."
I turned my head away from him as he tried to kiss me..
He was a little angry, but I still felt his lips make contact with my neck..
"Let go of me."
Pacy fell to the floor, sumersaulted, did a front flip, and then twisted her body in mid air toward his direction.
He was unimpressed.
But that wasn't her attention.
"I have the power to destroy you, what makes you think I wouldn't now??!!"
"I wasn't expecting to take you.. by force."
"Yah.. right."
She glanced over to the window and ran over to it as he came after her.
Crash!! Splattering pieces of glass, with Pacy as threw herself out of the window..
She had her arms covering her face as she broke through.
Slow motion, her jacket flapped as she plummeted downward.
She knew how to land right, but she was trying thinking ahead of her enemy.
Pieces of cement crunched below her shoes as they made contact with the ground..
She had to put a hand out to steady herself.
Immediatly Pacy replicated a gun, and then carried it in her hand as she forced herself into motion.
She wasn't about to be taken that easy.
"Dammit!" He was looking down as she ran off.. and watching the
reactions of the people who saw her landing..
She was more fiesty than he had anticipated.
The door creaked open as Agent Jones walked in, looking down at the glass.
"You let her get away."
"She's not out yet!"
Agent Brown was standing in the light of the door way.
His face was expressionless.
All Aren remembered was sitting with Pacy, discussing some psycho-theory, when he found himself standing in a lone room, very close to the edge of a window sill. It was broken.
Shattered pieces of glass were underneath his feet, and everything was quiet except for the street below.
"Man, she must of slipped me one of her drugs again.."
He flattened his hair back, shook it in confusion(but kept the look), and headed out of the room.
Perhaps his girlfriend Triple.S. could help him figure this one out..
I pressed my body against a wall and prepared myself for anything.
Everyone of the people who came close to seeing me was a possible host for Smith and his 'toadies'..
Adrenaline was flowing through my body, and my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest..
I had to keep going or forever be tormented by the consequences of staying here..
Fear, I hate thee... I thought as I shot an Agent beginning to transform near the walkway.
I ran into the shadows, blending into the darkness, my finger close to the trigger of my gun.
Needless to say, I didn't take the time to look behind me.


Breathe, just breathe.
God. I had been running for over 2 hours..
and I was exhausted.
I was slumped down in between two garbage cans, my arms drooped carelessly over my legs.
I had killed 2 agents, or rather, the bodies they had been using.
I put my head against the brick wall behind me and looked up at the stormy sky.
Yes, the air was fresh.. and I could hear drops of water run out of the gutters from the earlier rain.
But it was all fake.
All unreal.
I gasped for air a couple of times.. ignoring the water I was sitting in..
This was.. going to have to stop sometime.
All I wanted right now was nothingness. The nonexistence I had before all this shit happened to me..
"Why.. couldn't I have just left.. the question... alone?"
The 'sky' answered with a slight roll of thunder, and a slight drizzle of rain..
I watched the drops of 'water' fall.. almost like sharp splices of reality.
I took that as my warning and got to my feet.
They weren't about to give up on me. They wanted an inside link to Zion.
I was a perfect way to make that connection.
Beautiful past, working history..
Yes, it would be the ultimate betrayal, sabatoge.. all those twisted things..
As I crept around the sides of the buildings, my gun going before me, my mind was racing..
Something was terribly wrong with my connection configuration.
Yes.. I thought as I pulled myself up a fire escape.
That must have accounted for the slight memory losses here and there,
and those damn headaches.
I would have to..
I turned my head and my face revealed the terror I felt at that moment.
Smith was coming down the other end of the alley across from me..
He was looking back and forth, scanning every nook-and-cranny for movement.
It was going to take skill not to move right now..
Agent Smith walked down the alley, tuning every one of his abilities to the limits.
She was around here somewhere.. he knew it.
He would have to draw her out somehow..
"Alright Ms. Rendmire." He directed his voice towards the back alleys intersecting beyond him..
"You can't run forever. Sooner or later one of us is either going to die..
or give in."
His receptor was acknowledging a fuzzy signal again.
Within the system he could hear a moan of pain..
He smirked.
Agent Sevan must have managed to damage her a bit before he was destroyed,
and now it was taking it's toll..
He lifted his head again, and scanned the upper alley structures.
Nothing. He was growing weary of this whole thing.
He cocked his gun back, letting the noise racket off the structures.
"You hear that Ms. Rendmire? My patience grows short with you."
Agent Smith gritted his teeth and started walking toward the back split-offs.
I sighed with relief. That headache.. was the worst yet.
It took all of my chips to refuse to scream..
That last smack 6 years ago from Agent Sevan must have dislocated a portion of
my Matrix-Junction.
It would have to be fixed soon.
My eyes widened with hated fear.
Or I would die.
As Agent Smith started moving my way, I ran up the fire escape.
I didn't care about the noise.
Agent Smith looked up at the figure going towards the roof.
It was her.
No, no, no.. I was thinking as I frantically rushed up on the top of the building.
This was not good.
My green glasses revealed his de-transforming.
No. He was going to find someone closer to where I was..
I was running again, jumping from building to building.
It wasn't long before he found another body to take over.
I was posed in battle stance on a roof across from him.
I gritted my teeth and squinted at him.
"If anyone is going to die.."
I inched toward the edge of the roof..
"It won't be me. See ya."
I smiled, waved and let my body fall.
With good timing, I was able to grab hold of a ladder attached to the building.
I was quite smug with my success until I felt something..
or rather someone, grab my leg and yank me down..
It was Agent Ash.
He was holding me up by my arms, and squeezed one so hard..
I could feel the bones breaking.. splintering.
It hurt, but at least it could be fixed..
My body was thrashing around..
and my gun dropped to the ground.
"You're not so smart."
"Yah... well.... I'm not so stupid ... either..!!"
It took all of my strength to kick his face.
"Fuck you!!!"
His body went back.
I had managed to break the neck of his host.
I grabbed on to my arm in pain.
More shadows lurked behind me.
Agent Crary?
When would this..!!!
RUNNING PROGRAM... running program..
Pacy reached into the green coded figure in front of her.
It would've looked weird to anyone who didn't understand..
A hand stuck in a body, sending violent ripples throughout an image..
Anger. Pure hatred.
A voltage of power jolted through her arm and exploded inside of the sentient program..
His back-up was also being terminated.
Powerful. She watched him coil in agony..
and then the implosion within over took his outside imagery.
Green pieces flew beyond her.
She had destroyed Agent Crary.
Agent Smith was next.
"She has eliminated Agent Crary.."
Agent Jones overcame the breif pause.
".. And his back-up program."
"Complete disintegration."
Agent Brown finished.
"It doesn't appear like there's a way to stop her."
Agent Smith turned on his heel and looked down off the roof..
Then he faced Brown and Jones.
"There is a way."
His fists were at his side as he annalized somethings..
Suddenly he went calm.
"I know where her body is located.."
"Her signal has been coming stronger since she escaped."
"She must have had a malfunction of some sort."
"This should be over quick."
She could sense his coming.
Pacy was looking forward to it.
Of course, they both knew none of their martial art abilities could out-do each other now.
Both of them were raging with hatred.
"Come on Agent Smith!"
I looked whirled around with my arms outstretched.
Taunting his pride..
"You couldn't harm me if you tried!!"
We were locked in hand-to-hand combat.
I reached out to crush his program.. but he shoved me away.
I was so dilusioned with anger and rage.. I didn't think straight..
that's when I stopped moving. My chip was malfunctioning..
"My nerves.. on fire..!!!"
I fell to my feet just as he rushed over to my fallen figure.
Pacy felt him gently lift her up, and carry her in his arms. She was muttering about the fire consuming her veins as he walked down the dark alley way.
"What.... are... you... DoINg.."
"Saving your life."
Agent Smith ran over to the Heart 'O the City Hotel and strolled in.
His face carried a look of urgency,
and if his dark glasses were removed,
they would have revealed eyes of worry.
Strange isn't it? A program concerned about such a thing..
Why did she matter to him..
Why was he even bothering with her..
Should he have killed her??
He didn't know.
Didn't understand..
Didn't care,
and didn't want to think about it.
He was running down the hallways, kicking down doors and walking through fake walls.
In the basement that was not 'there', he saw a holigram standing, waiting.
"You'll need to give me a good reason to let you live Agent Smith."
"She'll die and so will you if you don't let me take care of the connection problem."
"I've been programmed to fight you."
Pacy stopped thrashing in his arms and went cold.
Time was running out.
"Give me the code words."
"Matrix-Real World Facility."
"What is the human term?"
"The Klifft." (He was getting agitated.)
The Holigram closed it's eyes and then pointed over to the wall were a cylindrical pod stood.
"She's over there. Take care of the malfunction."
It opened it's 'eyes' and glared at Smith as he set her 'body' on the floor..
"You've got 5 minutes."
Hate, Love, Death

I woke up in my 'pod', twisting and thrashing in the embryonic-type fluid.
I could see blue metallic liquid pouring from my sides,
and my body was singed.. I could feel sparks going off around my plugs..
Lots of firey pain.. I couldn't breathe correctly, and my eyes were inflamed..
A blurred image outside.. suddenly something fixed the back of my neck.
My sides stopped emitting my somatic fluids.
The pain was gone,
and a smooth coolness over-ran the heat.
As new fluid replaced the old, I could sense someone/something's fingers rapidly going over
touch screens and keyboards nearby...
My systems were being regulated, damages being reconstructed,
and the renewal process activating.
I closed my eyes to welcome the darkness and sighed.
But before I entered the sweet coma,
a figure cast a shadow as it left me.

Agent Smith walked past the holigram,
who had stepped out of his way and had gone dormant.
Stooping over, he retrieved Pacy's 'body'.
It jolted as her self-image returned.
He lifted an eyebrow as he walked out of the Heart 'O the City
Hotel, in his own thoughts.

"Well little Pacy. I didn't think you survived."
"Hello Agent Sevan."
"Did you see your mother anywhere?"
"Is she dead?"
"Did you see her die?"
"... yes."
"I loved your mother Pacy."
"I know."
"I wouldn't have done anything to hurt her."
"You killed my father."
"Pacy, I am your father."
"You.. you are?"
Your mother and I.. had an affair.
You remember the nice man who came by and took her out every once and awhile??"
"Yes. Dad thought he was a special Zion representative."
"She was my lover Pacy.
Can you believe this?"
"Yes. I am able to understand."
"Your father thought it was his.. DNA that formed you.
Something was activated when he had sexual relations with her."
"What was activated?"
"My own 'activation sequence'. It took some of your father's.."
"Little people."
"Yes, 'little people' and combined it with a mechanical sequence.
You are a result of it."
"I'm a... I'm a machine?"
"Partially. You are more machine than human."
"But, how could you have had sex with my mother?? You're a program.."
"We can feel just as you can... in a sense.
Just as we were able to program certain things to happen.."
".. in the Matrix it feels like its happening to a podded body."
"You are smart."
"I suppose I get that from my Dad... and you."
"You are evolving at a higher speed."
"Did you.. really love my mother??"
"I couldn't go through a day without knowing she was okay."
"What do you mean??"
"There was someone out to kill her.."
"Your own kind?"
"Yes. Another Agent...."
Another Agent... Another Agent...... Another Agent..... Another Agent....__
End program....
I woke up at my apartment, sitting up in my bed. I was sweating like crazy.
No... I know it was all real... It had to be..
A crack of lightning outside shocked me. The room wobbled and flexed, and suddenly I was on foot, running from a storm..
Arms of purple lightning stretched across the sky above me. I could hear their roars as they broke.
Strikes behind me, chasing me as I ran from it. Closer.. Closer..
It was faster than me. The storm was overtaking me...
Bright light splashed upon the dark ground.. no longer my old neighborhood..
I was panicking.. I was going to die.. I was... Hey.
Wait a minute.
I decided to face my fear.
Stopping, my face turned and looked up at a lightning bolt coming at me.
I screamed at it, my hands in tight fists at my side.
The bolt of electricity was as big as me, and consumed me in an instant.
bright white light and sharp pain
overtook everything.
It was over.
"You say it will take a couple of days?" "Yes, the doctor said
that if you hadn't brought her in, she would've died."
My eyes blinked as I came to. I was in a hospital, the room bright with fake sunshine.
Ahh, morning. My eyes hurt, and my body was sore.
I must have been asleep for quite some time..
My hands were pushing against the mattress to help me sit up,
when I felt strong arms take over.
I was astonished to see him here. I was still in hospital clothes as I sat on the edge of the bed.
His arm was around one side of me, waiting for me to stand.
I stopped, turned to him, and put my head on his shoulder.
"Hold me."
His strong embrace was strange to me. So automatic... so machine.
It didn't matter much to me that he was an agent.
I wasn't really there.
I was in a white place, full of humid myst, peaceful on the outside,
raging on the inside with waterfalls. Cold water rushing inside of me,
just waiting for a release, waiting to break out and kill anyone and everyone who hurt me.
"You're weak." His voice brought me out of my.. trance.
"I know." I opened my eyes and stared beyond his shoulder.
Damn the resistants. Damn them for leaving me..
I sighed.
Agent Smith had a hand on the back of my neck, his fingers gently going over my skin.
Why did he save me?
"I hate them Smith."
"I know you do."
I removed my hands from blocking us, and wrapped my arms around his body inside of his jacket.
I sighed, because of the pain of my past, the nothingness of my future, and the apathy of my present.
His clothes gave a ruffleling sound as he leaned back. He searched my eyes.
I turned my head away from his lips. Defeated, he placed his forehead against my cheek,
sighing through gritted teeth. His hand was on the other side of my face..
but I did nothing.
It seemed like he was resting there.
"Let's go." I said, pulling away from him and restoring my image to it's original clothes.
He helped me to my feet and we started walking towards the open door.
Simultaneously, we strode out, acting as if nothing happened.
<((Were we indifferent? I wasn't sure.))>
As we strode down the hallway, my black trenchcoat's tails were wisping about behind me.
My eyes were staring straight ahead, everything green..
We passed door ways, heading towards two large glass doors.
Image distortion, everything green and in slow motion, my feet pressing against the floor..
I realized.. that the nightmare wasn't over.
Far from it;
it was just beginning.

So here I was now, chasing after resistants, shooting them down,
hunting them like the dogs they were to me.
I hated them. All of them.
I turned the corner running after a young man with a cell phone.
I had my own black receptor, a sligh small coil dangling behind my ear.
They would pay for my pain, my parent's pain, and... those who died at the Klifft close to me..
Dead end. He tripped and was looking into the nosel of my gun now..
Their blood would be sufficient.
I thought as I stood over the fallen resistant and shot him coldly.
He had a look of disbelief thinking one of his... 'own' had killed him.
I shook my head and closed my eyes.
Finite minds... I am no one. I am everyone.. and I am my own.
I ran off to join another quest.

No-Go Jojo

(A couple of weeks later)
"Get in." Agent Smith opened the car door for Pacy, who slid inside cautiously. Agent
Jones drove the car after Smith got in and shut his door. The traffic was kind of slow, it
being a Saturday morning. The sky was a light shade of blue, and the sun's lazy rays stretched
over the many piles of buildings. People walked along the sidewalks, going through their daily
routines, heading to work, the park, a club, or some restaraunt. Pacy was watching as they
went by.. "Ms. Rendmire." "Yes Agent Smith." He turned in his black leather seat towards her.
"Are you enjoying working for us?" Pacy smiled. "Who are we going after this morning?"
"His name is Wilfred Rutton. A dangerous cyber-criminal that goes by the alias Jojo."
I sat there, staring straight ahead. I'd heard that name before.. Didn't Aren mention it? Wait..
maybe he was that one guy I met earlier... hmm..
I crossed my legs and sat there pondering. Yes.. he was a friend of Triple.S., Aren's girlfriend.
"You've heard of him?" "No, I've met him." I put my hand down and looked at my reflection in the
window for a moment. Agent Jones looked in the mirror at us. Agent Smith sat back, waiting for
me to explain. "I can't guarrantee anything, only that he'll give you a good chance to grab him
after he realizes who I am." "How would he know?" Agent Jones directed from the front as he continued
driving.. I sighed, watching the decieved, beguiled lives pass in front of me.. "'Jojo' knew
before I gained my memory back that I was different. After Aren's experience-" I looked over
at Smith, who moved his expressionless face towards mine. I lifted my eyebrows. "-he probably
figured it out. He's smart like that." "That's why were taking care of him."
Agent Jones parked the black car, and all three of them got out of the car. A resistant clothed
'agent' with two 'regulars'. Pacy got out the street side with Agent Jones, and Agent Smith
got out on the other. I breathed in the fresh air, air that I didn't need, and walked the back
end to join Agent Smith and Agent Jones. A plain-clothes policeman was leaning against the
side of a mirorred building, smoking a cigarrete. "Yah, he's still in there. Came in really
early-(cough)-this morning.. which isn't typical." "Where is the rest of your squadron?"
He looked around and tapped his cig's ashes near his feet. "Well." The 'detective' sucked in
on his worn cigarette and then shrugged. "They're probably lost in traffic." Pacy walked a little
ways off and saw a bunch of police cars coming their way. With their sirens on. She put a hand
on her face.. "Idiots."
"We'll have to take care of it ourselves." Agent Smith walked
up the stairs and pull out his gun, Jones going around the back way. The detective just stood
there and shrugged as Agent Smith let me in ahead of him. I had my gun out, walking through the
new CY-TECH buiding. It was a company that built special computer chips, and no one except
certain programmers were here this early in the morning (esp. on a Saturday). So we didn't have to
worry about having our guns out. I looked up and saw Wilfred leaning over a stairway, fear in his
eyes. He recognized me and had a look of relief on his face for a moment. Agent Smith looked up
at him and got a clean shot, but Wilfred was already running. So were we.
Wilfred Rutton aka Jojo ran with all his might. Agents. Just what he needed. He was so close to
cracking a special Matrix code.. and.. BLAM! He ducked and slid into another hallway away from
Agent Jones. "Shit! I've blown it this time!" What was Pacy Rendmire doing with.. Hey. Wait a
minute. Aren had told him before about the weird experiences he'd had with her.. His eyes widened
as a bullet nicked his ear. He turned sharply on his heel. "She.. ow! Must be.. an agent helper.."
The hole in his air felt cooler with the outside air rushing through it.. He wondered how he was
going to.. RIIIINNNGG! YES! 'Jojo' reached into his brown business pants and tried to straighten
his glasses. His Nokia phone slid down the reciever. -"Jojo! What the hell did you get yourself
into??!"- It was Creek. He sighed with relief. -"NO! Don't get all relaxed yet! You've gotta
make the jump to the next building!!"-
Jojo gulped and rubbed his hand through his curly orange hair as he looked
down at the streets below.. He could hear Agent Jones opening the door.. -"DON'T THINK, MOVE YOUR
ASS OVER TO THE NEXT BUILDING!!!" So Jojo ran and cleared the building, landing
on the balcony of one of the Tower's many levels. He ran inside and changed his image. People
screamed as a young 27 year old pushed everything and anything out of his way. He was wearing
diamond shaped sunglasses and a checkered trenchcoat of black and blue. His shirt was of tight
blue leather(it was low cut, you could see his peach fuzz), and his pants were navy colored.
"Okay! I made it, now tell me where my exit is." -"You got the disk?"- "Yah, in my pocket. Hey!
Are those police in the building now?" -"YES! Turn left out of the dining room and head for room
307, the phone is waiting for you."- "Alight! I guess I'm not doing too-" Jojo's eyes widened as
Pacy stood in the door way, her gun drawn, an unreadable face. "HOLY SHIT!" He dropped his gun
and jumped up as she started shooting at him. He swung out a leg and knocked her over, but she
reached out a hand and grabbed it as she fell. WHAM! He hit a table face first. It broke in half
with the force of the blow..
Pacy Rendmire walked over and picked up the resistant known as Jojo by his curly red hair and
punched him onto the floor. She was very angry, and looked like she was ready to kill him.
I wanted to destroy him, but I knew that Agent Smith and the rest of the agents would want to
interrogate him.. I picked up the Nokia cell phone and crushed it in my hand. People all around
us were freaking out. "Wow, I never thought a woman could pull those kinds of stunts!" I heard
a usher say.. I twisted my body towards him, the mangled remains of the phone in my hand.
"Now you do, so shut up." Agent Smith walked into the room, policemen coming from behind him.
He looked down at Jojo and then bent down and picked up a crushed disk. Instantly it was repaired.
"You have the disk?" Agent Ash walked in on the scene, a certain air about him I didn't care for.
"Yes." "We've completed the trace." "Apparently we're dealing with the inexperienced." Agent Brown
entered the room with Agent Jones..
"Maybe now we'll find Creek." I ignored the rest of their conversation
as they walked to stand in the hall. The policemen were blocking people and crossing off stuff.
I looked down at my x-bestfriend's friend. His ear was bleeding all over his coat, and I almost
felt sorry for him. Until rememberance of the Klifft overtook my thoughts. I scowled down at
him, his face to the floor. A sargent walked over to me. "I haven't seen you before." I was
still looking down at the Jojo on the floor. "No, you haven't." "Why not?!" He grabbed my arm.
I looked at him menacingly. My SDC was just seconds away from total activation.
Agent Brown walked over and pushed his hand off of me. "She's been recruited." He looked down
at Jojo's body and then back at the policeman. "Take him." I kicked the body as I walked off,
Agent Brown pulling me along with him. I was still looking at it as we walked out. I pulled
away from Agent Brown and stood looking into the bloody and mashed up face of one of Aren's friends.
Agent Smith walked up behind Pacy and put a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head and relaxed
as he slid it down to her middle back, motioned forward with his other hand, and walked with
her away from the hated scene.


Death's Angel


Freedom. How is this word defined? How is it real?? I can't understand
it, because freedom does not really exist. As a cold wind blows in
my hair, my body hunched
over the side of this building, I can't
help but wonder.. Can't help but look back.. On that wretched day.
I've got to keep my mind occupied, or else I might go insane..
just waiting for another resistant to kill.
My mother was a tough woman. Born and raised in Zion, where she met
my father. Well, my partial father. Both met in a training base,
my mother (Areen Yale) and my dad (Jaffa Rendmire). While Dad
was considered a computer scientist, Mom was a military strategist.
All Zion celebrated when they got married, never knowing that an
affair would lead to me.. They were sent out to their first mission,
to establish a Matrix-Real World facility, where one could walk in
and be somewhat connected to the System but not noticed by it's tracing
programs.. It was tough work, and I don't know how they did it..
except the fact that they had an agent working with them.
Agent Sevan, my.. father. (I had downloaded these files from him
as well as my mother's last thoughts before she died from the Matrix)
He had transformed during a resistant chase, my mother arguing with
her x-husband Glitchen, a corrupted hover-craft captain. When
Agent Sevan killed Glitchen, Areen was soo happy she kissed the agent.
Its when he kissed back that the whole relationship started, I wasn't
born until 2-3 years after that. [(The wind rushed against my trenchcoat,
flapping it as it went by.. Still no sign of anything..)]
When I was 3, I noticed that the Zion representative (who was actually
Agent Sevan) looked familiar to me. I was an extraordinary child..
able to manipulate many things in the Matrix to my happiness.
I was a terror to my parents. Only Agent Sevan scared me, and when
he took her out for a couple of hours I would stay up waiting for
her to return. In schools, I beat up anybody who messed with me.
Being only a third human wasn't so bad, esp. when only two other people
knew of it. I was a wizz at tests, could pass them with my eyes closed.
[(I smiled. Such carefree lazy days.)] But then again I only had a
couple of friends. Everyone was pretty much afraid of me. When I was
seven, I would take my dolls and cut their hair, frizz it out, and
dye it colors.. I liked throwing them against the wall, just for
the heck of it. Of course, I had nothing better to do, except evolve
and learn faster. [(I put my hand to cover my face, my other arm
drooping with the weight of my gun to my side. Here it comes.. my
memories of... of Kren..)] One day a young boy came to the Klifft,
a weird site to see. Never before had they let such a young one in,
he was four years older than me, I was 7.. he was 11. We competed with
each other, fought each other, laughed at and with each other.
Bestfriends were we.. [(Must go on..)] We were like brother and sister.
Nothing seperated us. We never really 'felt' anything more than that.
He was Japanese, but everyone called him by the Chinese name of Winn.
Kren allowed me to use his real name. But if anybody else used it,
he socked them in the mouth. [(I laughed. The Bitch and the Mutt is
what they used to call us. My parents were worried we might kill
each other sometimes..)] He was awfully good at chess, mind games,
and enigmas of the sort(and yes, he was incredibly strong), but I was
always better at Matrix tricks, reasoning, and strategic planning...
When the Incident happened, I was pulling my dolls' hair, sitting
behind the Matrix-Junction Door. It slammed open and knocked me out
for a few moments. When I came to, bullets were flying everywhere
and it was all I could do to curl up and hope they missed me.
Agent Sevan was the first to enter, leading a group of other agents
and policemen. My dad had done too good of a job. These bullets became
real. I was shaking, wondering where Kren was.. The last time I had
seen him was his doing push-ups in the gym.. [(What am I going to
do, run through my life story to this point in time?..)] Perhaps he got out..
I wouldn't think so. He was a fighter and sometimes let it go to his
head. (He even dyed his hair blue just to taunt other people.)
I watched as my mother slowly turned towards Agent Sevan,
reaching out a hand to him, when her body catapulted against the wall,
blood streaming down from her heart wound.. Thud.. thud.. Everything
seemed to echoe to my ears above all of the gun shots.. "MOTHER!!"
"AREEN!!" Agent Sevan was shooting his gun at the other armed
resistants, running over to his lover. "She's dead!!!" When he turned,
his face was full of anger. "I'LL FIND YOU. SOMEDAY I'LL KILL YOUR
PROGRAM FOR DOING THIS TO HER." He got off his knees, almost struggling
to keep himself under control. The other agents looked a little confused
but just continued their job, slaughtering anything that moved.
Agent Sevan had told them not to kill my mother. Apparently some
agent had a problem with her.. and disobeyed his leading officer.
I was so filled with grief I let myself drop into the blood covering
the floor, and welcomed a terrified nap.
I heard Agent Sevan's voice as it came closer. Pacy.. pacy..
* Pacy's thoughts were interrupted when she heard Agent Brown on her
receptor. "He's coming your way."
She saw the resistant running down the alley way, it was Jojo.
They had planned to release him and trap Creek; she'd have to act her
part well.
After she saw a flash of Agent Brown's
gun go off she jumped off the roof, Pacy's hands holding the gun as it went
off. BLAM! BLAM! The light of the release of the bullets lit up her
face, and the rushing air russeling her clothes around.
Jojo recognized her and started shooting at her.
Agent Brown got him in the back, crippling the resistant.
She landed close by, the concrete cracking under her feet. Pacy's
gun clicked as she relaxed her trigger finger and stood
up. Agent Brown walked over to the struggling man. Agent Smith entered the
scene with Agent Ash. "He should be around here anytime now." "Yes. He's been contacted
by Creek and was evidently on his way to join him." Agent Smith kneeled
by the shaking man. "Well Mr. Rutton, I never thought our next meeting
Agent Smith looked up Agent Brown.
"Kick him." Wham! Mr. Rutton 'Jojo' was convulsing from shock. "You know, we can
put this all behind, if you cooperate."
"I'll die before... I..." He spit blood at his face. SMACK!
Jojo's glasses skidded on the pavement..
Pacy walked over and handed Smith a rag for him to wipe off the blood. As Smith
stood up and took it(removing his glasses to wipe it off), she bentdown
and smiled. "Remember me??" She grabbed
his checkered jacket and punched him.
"Watch your fucking attitude.." She leaned over and spoke into his damaged ear from
earlier.. "Or you'll lose something important to you.. get what I mean?" "Yah.. yah!"
"You.. like our new agent?" Agent Smith was smirking as Pacy stood. He looked over at
her lustfully..and his hand gripped the far side of her waist. Pacy didn't respond, just
kept a silent enmity towards the resistant 'Jojo'.
"She's a fiesty one." Agent Smith motioned towards Agent Brown and Ash. "Pick him up."
When they held the struggling 27 year old, his blue leather shirt and clothing stained
with blood, Agent Smith hesitated for a moment. He took his other hand and gripped
Pacy's chin, and kissed her. She was responsive.
I put my arms around his neck, one of my hands lazily held my gun. Damn he was
a good kisser.. Agent Smith's hand left her chin and squeezed her arm. She pulled
away as his other hand left her waist. He walked over confidently and pulled Jojo's
hair and whispered in his ear, "And I
wouldn't go so far as to make her any more angry than she already is.. she hates
you more than I do." "What?? I don't..." Wham! Agent Smith punched him in the
stomach.. Jojo's body lurged forward.
This is sick.. I can't believe I just witnessed sexual interest between an agent..
and some kind of a half breed... Wait.
Jojo's face lit up with more than hope.
Lights, bright lights were above the group of agents shone,
like a ray of hope in the midst of darkness...
* The helicopter swooped down and a spray of bullets hit them.
*I was looking up at the monster, my hair moving with it's breath.
The air was colder now, and the force of it's flight knocked most of
us down. It hissed at me with bullets, killing the other agents'
hosts and slighly wounding Mr. Rutton. I fell to my knees and clenched
my fists in concentration. The wounds healed and the bullets that
had entered my 'body' were erased from the code. "You're not human.. or
an agent.. are you??" "No Jojo." I walked over
as the helicopter loomed behind me, their munitions set aside, astonished
at my getting up. I cocked my gun and pointed it at his head.
"I am neither." His last view was of my gun and the helicopter's bright
lights illuminating behind me. BLAM!!!!!!
"SHIT IT'S A TRAP!" "What the hell??" "Get us the fuck out of here Creek!"
"I'm trying I'm trying! God dammit we just lost our programmer!!"
The helicopter flew away from the scene, but gaining a few bullet holes
in its tail as it went. "She's not one of us!" "Did you see how
she just took the bullets and then they disappeared??" "DID YOU
FUCKING JOB!" Creek yelled back at Hu and Sto as he motioned
to a hidden box of guns. "She's.. flying behind us!!"
* I was flying after the helicopter, like an angel of death.
If it was me it was trying to slay, it had lost that battle.
I would be the slayer now.. the slayer of this annoying dragon.
I shot my gun a couple of times at the tank.. letting myself miss,
just to give the poor creature a chance. What's a battle without
some weaknesses? I pitied them. They couldn't escape me anymore than
the Jabberwocky escaped the boy.. BLAM! BLAM BLAM!!
Creek heard the gun shots above the loud engine as he turned to miss
a building.
His shaggy blond hair barely moved with the wind coming through a now
broken window. He watched a bullet pass by. "YOU GUYS COULDN'T DEFEND
DON'T BREAK OUR LEGS!!" Hu and Sto looked at each other, the wind
blowing in from the slightly open doors and the many holes in the
sides. Even with their headsets on, they could still hear
the sound of the other helicopter's engine above Creek.
"GET THE FUCK OUT!" Creek pointed a gun at his two crew members.
"YAH! OKAY, JUMP OUT!" Hu and Sto jumped out of the wounded helicopter
and landed fine on the top of their exit's roof. They ran to the doors,
and Pacy landed right behind them a minute later. Creek watched the little
figures run, shoot, and sighed with relief when he saw his friends
make it in before she did. She stopped, pressed something to her ear,
and then looked up, a funny look on her face. As if automatic, she
pointed her gun and gave a few shots at the belly of Creek's vehicle.
Somehow it reminded him of DEATH'S ANGEL..(popular song in the Matrix..)
It exploded, but Creek managed to get blown out.
"Well Ms. Rendmire, Agent Ash and Brown managed to take down one of
'Creek's' friends, but one got out.. We have time to crack Creek now that we have him."
Agent Smith and Pacy were walking down the Mane's hallway, heading for the
interrogation room of the government building. "I know I failed."
"Your SDC didn't activate. Why?" "I felt pity for them." They stopped
walking and Smith grasped her shoulders and frowned. "You can't go on with this
hypocrisy." "I live only for myself." "THAT'S NOT
* I pushed him away and stood back. He was right, but I didn't want
to admit it. No [for] myself, no for him, no for my parents... Just a
simple us or them. Simple? Bullshit. I thought I had made the decision a couple
of nights ago but.. it was harder than I guessed it would be.
DON'T YOU DARE THINK I DID IT FOR YOU!!" He grabbed me and we had a wild and violent
* Agent Brown entered the hall with Agent
Ash. They were caught off guard by what they saw.
Agent Smith and Ms. Rendmire do have a relationship...
Agent Brown lifted an eyebrow. The two cautiously looked over (their glasses had
fallen on the floor) and seperated themselves.
"He cracked and gave us their operator's number." Agent Brown and Ash
started to walk over to them, gingerly. "He got unplugged
before we could recieve any Zion codes..." As the (indifferent)
party started to leave to look at and plan out what to do with the new information,
Pacy could've sworn Agent Ash scanned her over... Something about the patterns he
was emitting was familiar it seemed.
She gritted her teeth.
She'd kill him if her assumptions were correct.
Agent Smith stopped walking and looked down at Pacy and gave a wary look at Agent
Ash. Pacy went on the other side of Smith and gripped his hand. Ash backed off.
They continued to walk down the hall, but with a weird settling between Smith and Agent Ash.
And something growing between Agent Smith and Pacy Rendmire...

Death Angel "the song"

The Crime of Abstinence
[Ahela Had a Dream]
{a fictional popular band(song title and cd title) in
the fic 'Suicidal Assurance'}




I've Seen Her Killed One Of Us

Aren put his hands up to block the fists she was throwing at him.. his own best friend
trying to... kill him.. All of the sudden Pacy stopped in horror as he pulled out a gun
and fired it through her.. blue and red blood leaving the bullet's impact.. What was Aren
doing?? A knife in his
head, the blade slicing though his skin and bone, grinding through to pierce his brain..
Pain... murder... hate... sorrow....
Who's dream?
Pacy sat up in her bed.. and saw that a LCD on a clock read 5:00 AM. She breathed in,
and let it out slowly.. wanting to get up..
As Pacy threw aside the sheets on her bed, her feet dangled off the edge. In this
room was no door, an outline but no true door. The agents had designed it this way.
At the Mane, outside the building, you would never had known such a room existed..
There were no lights on the outside view point. The outline of the door gave the appearance
of light, enough to help her find her way around the room..
I leaned on my arms as I sat on the edge of my bed, wearing a short sleeved gray shirt
and some matching pants.. Tired. My eyes carried the weight of sleep's burden. My mind
was wide awake, going off in philosophical arguments. I grabbed the sides of my head
and grimaced. I closed my eyes and drifted into a false thought of peace.
Reluctantly I laid back down, and fell into another troubled sleep.. hugging my pillow close to me.

Aren walked by the coffee shop where he had last seen Pacy.. that was two months ago..
His eyes stared at his feet, still wearing the same outfit every time he re-entered the Matrix..
Hawaiian clothes, almost faded baggy jeans.. a dolphin earring and hemp necklace. Yes,
his hair was all 'surfy', blond and hard to work with. He could change that, but he didn't
want to.. Aren's mind was still having a hard time letting go of the memories he had before
he got unplugged.. His eyes were staring straight ahead now, the day well into the afternoon,
sun glaring down from the sky.. It was a mild temperature here in the city. People walked
by, not knowing.. "Man.. sometimes I wish I was 'you'.." Yes, part of Aren yearned to go back..
but more of him understood the painful shot
of truth.. Painful yes.. but at least he was not dreamily decieved as before.
He was to meet Triple.S. in a half an hour.. He grew saddened when he heard DEATH'S ANGEL playing.
Pacy and he used to sing it all the time.. A sigh left his residual image. They'd known each other for
the longest time. "Let's see. Um, 4 years now." Was that right? Aren lifted an eyebrow, his
eyes scrolling upwards. They'd met at a C.R.A.M. school(criminals righting a mistake).
"My name's Aren.. like watcha in for?""Nothing."[In truth she didn't remember.]
"Yah, that's what I said.. Geez.. um. Wanna be friends or something?"
"I guess."
Pacy and Aren became good
friends after 2-3 months.
He wouldn't have been able to pass the tests without her help..

Aren's arm went up to his face, revealing a watch
that acknowledged his wonderings. HE WAS 3 MINUTES LATE. Aren ran off. "My thinking takes too
much of my time!!"
Aren stopped when he saw a rather irritated Triple.S. "Aren! Where the HELL have you been?" Her figure was accented by a tight green leather
suit, with bobbed brown hair and gray iced eyes. "Memory jog Tess. That's the only way I can
explain it." "Well,(light sigh), at least you aren't dead.." They walked through a park.
But this wasn't a romantic outing. It was serious business. Triple.S. stopped. "And.. don't
call me Tess. I'm not a coppertop anymore, got it??" "So what is so important, Triple.S.??"
She stopped and put her hands behind her back, eyes shut, head lowered towards her matching
green boots. "Pacy Rendmire is working for the agents Aren. Remember the shadow that spead across
your image translators?" Her eyes opened and stared at his light blue ones. "That was Pacy.
Hu confirms it, and you know (peace to his soul) Jojo knew something was different about her-"
"No, that's total wack. Pacy would never do.. such things." "Aren." Her hands went on the shoulders
of the multicolored hawaiian shirt, Aren's face in shock. "It's true. I've SEEN her kill one of us.
Brutally." "Stop it. I won't believe you." "You must Aren." A wind blew in the park, sending
dead spring leaves rushing around them. "I wouldn't lie to you if I-" "Just let me alone, okay?"
He shoved Triple.S.'s arms away from him and started walking away, his hand running through
his hair. The wind grew stronger, and the-girl-formerly-known-as-Tess had to put a hand up to
block out the bright evening sun.. She had to confirm something before she headed back to the
Apollyon with him.. then she'd try to comfort him. The rushing air whined as it blew past the two lone figures,
one walking away from the other, the other standing there trying to sympathize. Cold..
it was a cold evening now, but neither 'Tess' or Aren cared. Aren's baggy pants rippled behind his
legs as he went against the wind. If you had asked him what flew out of his eye, he'd say,
"What tear?" Sad and sorrowful, he reluctantly dialed on his Nokia and confirmed an exit not
to far from him. Perhaps HE was the one who needed sleep now. 'Why' was his sighed paining,
as he walked into a phone booth and went back to the Apollyon. Would he ever know?...
Dude.. I hope so.

Denial's False Apathy

Dark eyes open to look through shades of green, eliminating color discrimination, seeing as all are just varying figures on a spectrum only I can see.
I look up, seeing the false sky and feeling the false cold of autumn.
In the midst of moving crowds of people, I alone pause to gaze at something only the machines remember.
The sky. In the Zion Chronicles, it read in the eyes of a seven year old, that the sky was damaged in a last ditch effort to stop the evil machines from taking over.. Long black lashes close and open slowly. A 'plane' creates a dot fading into cold, flat clouds. Standing, leveling my chin, I inwardly cringe. The dream plagues me.

The doors of glass open before my figure, and I look around but see no sign of .... him. My feet carry me out of that place.. and back lies flat against the cool surface behind it as I breathe heavily. It can't be true. He can't be gone. Only two months and I remembered a former life.. Aren. My hands ruffel my short hair as my face draws down into a frown. No.. I shouldn't be HERE. Aren... I keep trying to deny I miss him.. It hurts like acid but I don't want to learn. People ignore me as I walk down a very familiar alley, one hand to my head and the other steadying me against the wall. The reality is.. I shouldn't even be out here.
Agent Smith got word from an informant that the Resistance was starting to keep an eye on this sector. Why? Because I'm eyecandy. I infiltrate hacker cafes, play one of them in their own games... and crush their spinning bottle.
Orange eyes, with a stretched green ring around the pupil become wet- Aren knows me. Triple.S. that- bitch. I only tolerated her because they were an item. Two leather gloves cover my face. Tears stream without permission. Clenching my hands, a crunch signals I have indeed destroyed my shades. The eyes peeking over the leather are stressed red. I TOLERATED her. Wasn't POSSESSIVE. She was the first to tip me off that my supposed nightmares were in accuality the dreams of my past. She, a part of the RESISTANCE took my nonexistence from me. And the next time I see her- Heh. I'll kill her... very painfully.
I have no shame with the maniac smirk on my face. Not satisfied are you, bitch? You had to take him with you into the real world? And now I bet you're turning.. him against me. Aren.
I throw my fists down and clench them in silent anger.
The sounds of traffic crescendo into my hearing, as my mind comes out of a fantasy. Hmph. I fantasy what's futile. Peace. For a couple of seconds.. I tried to imagine a way were the machines and humans could cooperate.
Laughter echoes off of the brick walls as I walk back with my hands in my coat pockets, replicating a new pair of my favorite shades.
As I move forward I put them on my face, shoulders shaking.
My trenchcoat is open and the tails fly behind me,
relfecting the gentle light of the sky.
It's a little chilly I suppose, and the hairs on my arm stand up in fake imitation of true body functions. I could easily reprogram myself, either adding length to my shirt of green, or just make the cold dissapate from my 'nerves'.
How many times I've checked this place I'm not sure. 40-50..
always looking for an imitation surfer who was.. I'm not sure if he is..
my x-or just my best friend anymore.

Ahh the mixed emotions of a female. One moment.. sad then angry. But I suppose life would lose the challenge without them. Emotions.. that is. I'm not used to following human emotions- all except anger.
Again the word plagues me. PEACE.
Peace? PEACE?!
I feel like my body is telling me I never get any rest.
Is death the ultimate sleep? I wish I knew.. understood what I mean. An endless cycle of work. Even vacations bring stress. You stress out before you go to make sure everything's cool with your luggage and house care.. and then while you're on vacation you go through heck because you don't want to leave anything out or behind..
*sigh* There is no peace.. in this world. People sing of Christmas, good will on earth and peace to men. What a futile daydream.
People go through..'drugs' and other substances to find this illusive 'friend'. Relationships never bring complete peace either. Because your mind is always thinking.. thinking..
I join the mainstream of the evening zombies, but go against the flow, focusing on a single point. When your eyes are set, people part for you like the water did for Moses...
What a mirage- A sneer contorts my facial expression.
-I see faith in religion the same way.. In the Matrix.. if you believe the impossible enough.. it just might happen. You don't have a back ache.. it's all in your head.... yah. But you have no idea how 'real' that really is. The only gods here are the System, it's angels the agents.. and men plugged into a world of fantasy. And what of the Resistance? And the Real World? Zion is Satan's Hell, and the Resistance it's demonic allibies. The Real World is the dark and barren truth no one wishes to accept. Hmph. I'm sure the Resistance would bark at me that it is quite the other way around. What? The Matrix code is Heaven.
The underlying 'dimension' I questioned months ago.
Black eyebrows lower. I could never remember just why I started doing this.. perhaps it was that fucking nightmare I kept having. Unless I came here every Saturday, it just wouldn't leave me alone. I'd NEVER tell Agent Smith about it, seeing as he couldn't possibly understand what I could not, if that just proves how arrogant I've gotten. My lips purse together as I stuff my gloved hands into my pockets and moved against the crowd again.
Or am I afraid to admit this weakness? This MUST be the reason I cannot explain this phenomenon. It's my one-third compostion. My... 'human' side. My feet stop and so do my thoughts on the matter.
I droop my head a little and look down at my motorcycle. It's no particular brand. Just something I put together in my imagination. All black, and built like a harley. I rest my body on it, get in position, kick up the stand and start it up. Ahh, the rev from this thing makes me breathe in deep the cold autumn afternoon air. As soon as I've cleared a way of traffic and lights for myself, I twist forward and I'm swerving into Matrixed traffic. The light of the mellow 'sun' passes over my glasses, a feirce wind pushes my spiked black hair behind me, along with my trenchcoat all but flapping insanely behind me. Green light. Green light. I take the long way 'home'. There's nothing better than taking a ride on this thing to clear my mind, because the whole experience involves all senses. Hearing the hum and feeling the rythm of the engine, tasting adrenaline- oh my mouth grins wide. I cold go on and on, to say 'spiritual awareness' sings of peace. And as much as I'd like to put P-E-A-C-E on my license, it states in green- BITCH.
Peace is a concept, and does not describe the owner of this bike..
by all means, it is the polar opposite!
I switch the left signal, and pull into an alleyway. To my left the garage door is open, a familiar black 'oldie' sitting in it. I lower my eyes and check my fuel, and finding it still above empty, drive it in and shut it down. It takes me a little while to get myself off and kick the stand down. I'm reluctant to go back to 'hell' if you know what I mean. This whole place is hell actually, partly because the Resistance makes it so. Heh. I smirk. But I am one of the guardians, and unlike Smith, I enjoy my job immensely.
I spin my keyring on my finger and clench it for a moment. This whole place is white and gray, concrete ugly but with a touch of EDU-DE-AGENT. I guess that's what makes it tolerable.
My hand drops the key into my coat pocket as the door shuts.
You may be thinking why would I just leave my tank half-empty-full, however pessimistic or optimistic you are. I only care about making the bike experience as REAL as possible. The door closes and darkness covers my face. Agent Smith will probably scold me on my skipping traffic and being out again.
The Resistance know I exist in this sector.. and are sending out Scouters to verify rumors going about. So that means I can't hunt anymore. I've nothing to do but wait for the next three days.
For in that time-the door shuts and an automatic light comes on-I will meet the informant that is my key to my sabotaging ZION. Footsteps echo off the walls, and the door shuts, leaving an empty room where there was nothing to begin with. Nonexistence-is still my fancy. But somewhere I still breathe. But as long as a purpose exists - then so do I.

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