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Anyone who wasn't unplugged is potentially an Agent... ;)

Looking for pics of Neo or Trinity? Nah. I collect only pictures of Agents. That's just my hobby :)

Fan Art submissions are welcomed!
Any piece of Matrix fan art related to Agents would be honored here with all credits, links and copyrights you might want.

Fan Art

Female Agent


Beautifully cute "Agent" and "Three agents and late rebel" by Agent Lee.

Female Agent

Amazingly-expressive female Agent by Agent Elle.

Agent Smith

Wonderful Agent Smith by Sarah Digna Yudlowitz. See more pictures of this artist at Elfwood.

Sexy Glitch

Unordinary and sexy Agent Glitch by Digital Phooka. Female agents don't have to wear official suits every time :)



"Fight" - an artwork by Agent Truds (Trudi Castle) from Britain, which inspired me to make this gallery.

"Ow!" - another picture by Trudi, in color.

Zion's Pictures

Series of pictures by Zion. Unordinary style illustrations to "Children of the Night" and "Heretic" stories (located in separate gallery).

Female Agent

"Female Agent" by Agent Kali. I think that female Agents definitely should appear in the sequels! They are the best ;)

The Matrix has you

"The Matrix has you" by Stefan F. Dellstr:om. "it's supposed to be an agent" (c) Stefan. :)
You can see more his pictures on his gallery page, some of them are Matrix-related ;)

Agenty dog

Funny picture, it was sent to me by my friend Anton Zolin. I used to misspell his name as Agent Zolin every time :)

Agent Smith (by Diana Fucci)

Agent Smith (by Diana Fucci)

Artwork by Diana Fucci. Hope to see more her comics...

Agent Smith

Agent Smith

Picture (c) by mr. DAVID GUIVANT

Professional Graphic Designer / Illustrator in NEW CALEDONIA , SOUTH PACIFIC, specializing in POSTERS, COVERS and TRADING CARDS.




agent_view Matrix fan art by Graphic Enemy. His female agents are really expressive! Hope to see more Graphic's works in the future. Really professional works.





Matrix, beautiful and... sad? Picture by Freakstyle(ICE).

Agent Croft Concept Art

Agent Carter concept art

Concept art: Agent Croft and Agent Carter (characters for Hardline mod). (c) by Hardline Mod team.

Redraptor's comic

A fragment of comic made by my friend Redraptor. Check out her site "Matrix fan art", where you can find more pictures. I especially love Sentinels; on her artworks they look so cute! :)

Matrix Fair

Computer graphics (collage) by Volkov Alexey. Expressive.


Agents by unknown author. Some people suppose it to be a fan-made storyboard image. Being a real storyboard for Matrix 2 is barely confirmed.

Computer gaming, modding, renders

Agent Render

Rendered agent image from Matrix Mod by Mainframe Editing. Check out their site (seem to be a bit abandoned, though... so why I grabbed the image =) There's their credit and link to their site.

alley2_s.jpg (3360 bytes)

Smith rendered

Rendered agent images by Strange Company. They were working at matrix-based movie, but, again, the project seem to be abandoned. I grabbed these images to prevent them from disappearing. Giving them a link and a credit. Half-Life 3D engine was used.

Smith rendered

Brown rendered

Rendered agents images and concept art from ex-Matrix Mod project, now Hardline mod.
Rendered: Agent Smith and Agent Brown
To view more images (rendered 3d images and concept art) and read about this amazing project, visit Hardline Mod project.



And here is a surprise! These are also game screenshots, but officially this game has nothing related with the matrix. However it's good known that there is no spoon - look at the proof below =) Interesting, if some of my visitors would figure out, "where are these guys from? Which organization?"

mj-matrix.jpg (16714 bytes)

To look at other screenshots of these guys (they are *cute*, if you don't have to fight with them! :) and to find, where are these screenshots from, click here.


Stand on our side and we'll allow you to live here, in the Matrix. To live just as you wish. To be just what you want to be. You'll get everything you wish.
(c) Agent Jack "Wonderland"


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