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08/29/2004: The Grand Update is almost here!!

Stay tuned! For the Long-waited Grand Update is Almost Done! We are finishing the beta tests right now, and soon, really soon, you will see MatrixAgents.Net re-born! In absolutely new quality and design, with tons of amazing new stuff and features.

Our site is becoming what it was destined to be, true multi-fandom portal featuring Other Side point of views in many amazing universes. Of course, first and before all the site will stay centered on Matrix Agents; together with it, we're expanding our fanfic archive to new fandoms - Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, computer games...

700+ images in gallery, loads of new fan art and fanfiction await you at the new site; easy-to-use fanfic submission forms; comments and votes, site search, new links and downloads...

Don't worry, nothing of old content will be lost. The Other Side will be Re-Loaded gracefully, and we hope you'll enjoy the new version, as we already do!
(And for those who are too nostalgic, the old (but never going to be updated) version will still be accessible).

Just wait a little more, and feel free to talk at the forums :)

MatrixAgents.Net 2.0 team
Inity, the Architect/creator of the site
Mamont, technical administrator, programmer and designer
Scopion  and Agent X, site mods and admins...

04/08/2004: Happy Birthday to Other Side Project!

Today, April 2004 is exactly 4 years since Other Side Project birth, for the joy of its fans. In this day, we are glad to tell you that "Other Side" is being re-incarnated and re-loaded these days, and soon will be expanded significally.

So, this new birth of Other Side is coming, and for now, in that Happy Birthday, we're happy to open new Other Side forum for you.

Welcome and feel at home! =)

06/01/2003: wonderful fan art and music

First, enjoy 5 new agenty pictures in our fan art gallery! Many thanks to artists who made them, Agent Elle, Agent Lee, Digital Phooka and Sarah Digna Yudlowitz!

Links to music files have been fixed. Now, you can listen again to Zemfira's "Synoptic", "One, Two" by Piknik, "No exit" by Splean, "Soul 4 Sale" by Insurge and more songs of agenty mood. Access them at bottom of this page. Don't forget that so popular Mel Brooks' Inquisition Song is back, too! I wonder when we create a fan agenty  song from it... "But accept, the Matrix's here and it's here to sta-ay..." *sings* :)

And finally. If you have LiveJournal, love and support Agents of the Matrix (or *are* one of them? :) , welcome to new LiveJournal community Matrix_Agents!

You may wish to check InPraiseOfTheAgents Yahoo group, too.

Coming soon: new agenty fanfictions from agent X (Star Wind), agent Angel and other authors...

05/27/2003: Agents of the Animatrix

Hurray! At last this site got something really new! Animatrix Agents gallery! Also, old pics from official comics and storyboards have moved there. 4 storyboard images from Matrix Reloaded were added, too. 37 new pictures in total, and I spent 2 days working with this gallery! Hope you like it!

05/25/2003: New pictures

Picture galleries were slightly redesigned, and new stuff was added! Check out gallery index, to access new Matrix Reloaded picture gallery (just 6 pictures for now), and Matrix 1: Misc gallery, to enjoy new 40 pictures from Matrix 1 and Matrix Revisited! See how our favorite agents looked behind the scenes... Also, two new images in Fan Art gallery...

05/24/2003: The new Matrix Era started...

The Matrix Reloaded is out now. May be it disappointed some of us, may be it became a greatest movie of 2003 for others... The Updates will start coming, including picture galleries for new Agents, and hopefully new fanfics including new ideas. I'm happy to say that Matriux 2 did *not* ruin any of our agenty theories, so we may have a party :)

For now, I'm happily present... series of fanart, illustrations made by Zion, pictures for "Children of the Night" fanfic! Lots of thanks for Zion for these pics.

Oh yeah. And I'm thinking about slight redesign of the page... Do we need it? ;)

02/18/2003: New Harry Potter fanfic

For those of you who like Harry Potter: I invite you to read my new humor fic "Tom Riddle's Very Secret Diary" - in english or in russian...

02/15/2003: New forum opened!

The new forum is opened! Now, no pop-up ads or banners there. Farewell, EzBoard - it was really overflooded with advertisements. Now, enjoy fresh, ready-to-go boards based on phpBB.

Welcome to New Other Side Forums!

11/25/2002: new russian fanfictions

Some updates for russian or russian-speaking readers:

- "Matrix: Ignorance Is Bliss" by Anton Borodko [russian]
- "Blood and snow" by Tomas Pane-minor, translated by S1eepy [russian]

And, two new pictures in Fan Art gallery.

Also, I encourage you to visit this nice page dedicated to actor Paul Goddard -- who played Agent Brown in "The Matrix":  Paul Goddard: Down Under

9/12/2002: Live-Action RPG report and new fanfiction

Today I'm happy to present:

- First photos and report of Inity, agents coordinator, from "Matrix Reloaded" international live-action RPG that took place in Moscow this summer. Unfortunately the report is only available in russian for now. In nearest time, for RPG lovers I will present  my report and photos from Tatooine-2002 live RPG, too.

- New Matrix fanfic in russian - "Heretic" by Zion (Nataly).

- New  Diablo II fanfic, in russian - "Scroll of Zakarum" by Inity.

7/01/2002: Updated that stuff, if anyone cares.

My plans to re-organize this site and create separate Other Side portal and separate MatrixAgents.Net project weren't warmly welcomed, if I can say so. Untill I have time, though, I will update and develop this site according to my own plans. Other Side is NOT dedicated solely to the Matrix, and I remain my right to post Star Wars, Harry Potter and other fandoms fanfics in appropriate sections until Other Side portal page will be created.

I'm moving to work with international Sith Community and Slytherinet. Matrix page will be updated when I'd have time and stuff to post.

And remember... "If you will blame me even more, I won't do anything", as a turtle from the old russian joke said...

Updates (thanks for those who helped with them):

  • "Sad, but true" - Matrix fanfic by Star Wind [russian]
  • "Inquisitor" - Matrix fanfic by Inity [russian]
  • "Silent City" - Matrix fanfic by Narsus [english]
  • "The logic of Autumn" - Matrix fanfic by Victor Voynikov [russian]
  • "Who I am?" - article by Virage_Intel_Inside [english]
  • "Time of synthesis, time of changes" - Matrix fanfic by J.B. [russian]
  • Insurge "Soul 4 Sale" - mp3 is up. Download, listen and delete after listening. This song is as matrixy and dark as it only can be.
  • Piknik "One, two..." - mp3/lyrics.

Live-action Matrix RPG will take place 6-7th july im Moscow. I'm going to be there, even if I want to go to StarCon too much.

4/08/2002: New pictures and fanfics!

Look, the spring is coming and we have updates again! Pleased to present...

And, coming soon: "Sad but true" by StarWind and "Inquisitor" by Inity - new matrix fanfics in russian.

4/03/2002: And so, many fanfics for your pleasure...

And I finally did the massive part of updates... Next time, we'll present some translations to you, and possibly, agenty fanfics series by Trin Chardin.

Oh, I forgot to say, all these fanfics are Matrix-related. When the time comes, we'll separate and "Other Side" because it's getting messy. Other Side features not only Matrix, but different fandoms, remember that? ;)

  • Fanfics in russian by Michael "Star Wind" Serebryansky
  • Fanfics in english - by Narsus
  • Fanfic by Kamikaze (english)
    • "Suicidal assurance" [english] - part 9 up.

4/02/2002: Updates coming soon - announce

I'm only wishing to say that a bunch of awesome updates is coming. Three new alternate fanfics in russian from Star Wind (agent Axe), and fanfics by agents Narsus and L1FF3R - also from Other Side!

Russian fanfics we would translate into english, and english ones into russian. Pretty simple. ;)

Great places to visit until we put updates up:

The Poorly Rendered Matrix - another Agenty site has risen, shining in glory! Hurray!
AI-2 order was to present extra free hours for all agents in sector 2 to celebrate that significant event!..

For that nasty Harry Potter fan inside you...
The Best Hogwarts House Ever, Slytherin, expands its influence...

2/04/2002: New russian alternate fanfics!

Updates, hurray; new texts at this time...

  • - "Veselchak U" by Michael Ramendik, a fic to "Guest from the Future" by Kir Bulychev. [russian]
  • - "The story of one knight", by Aragorn, fic to Diablo II by Blizzard. [russian]
  • - "Attempt #N" by Random Ambersky, fic to UFO game. [russian]
  • - New links to alternate fiction in russian (LOTR) and english (Harry Potter).

Another thing: you can look at TTL-OS keeper's unsorted daily thoughts at LJ here.

Remember that Live-Action Matrix RPG (made in Russia 8) would start in Moscow this July. Gonna be there? Send your applications to game masters!

1/21/2002: Minor bug fixes...

Fixed broken links to music files.
And, added two new fan art pictures ("Matrix" by Freakstyle(Ice)). See them in art gallery.

1/5/2002: huh, new year...

Hello in 2002, friends! I'm sorry that there's no new stuff here yet. But I really need more information for that site. And we're still planning to EXPAND the Other Side Project and separate the  TTL-OS (what features different fandoms!) from MatrixAgents.Net that is a part of Other Side Project but dedicated eapecially to the Matrix. But for now they stay together and it's a bit confusing. Truly people the matrix is great but it's not the only one fandom what we like to view from the Other Side!

Just one good news, I've found a new fandom to feature at Other Side. Wait for updates about it ;)

10/24/2001: new picture...

First of all, hello again! I don't have much time as earlier, but I would continue to seek for new stuff for the site.  Some updates today:

  • Wonderful picture of Agent Smith by David Guivant in Art Gallery.

  • New Star Wars links to our fellow Sith sites in Links section. Unfortuinately, the great site "Dark Lords of the Sith" on disappeared and I can't find the new location. Let me know if you have the info where they have moved.

  • I included TheMatrixOnline headlines code at the main page. Hope you'd be interested in fresh matrix news. (If you don't appreciate these headlines on this site, please let me know.)

08/11/2001: a couple of new pics...

Matt McColm is going to play an Agent in Matrix 2 - his character would be Agent Thompson. I've added a picture of this actor into Misc gallery, as well as picture of Daniel Bernhardt who is going to be Agent Johnson. But we'd have to wait until summer 2003 for Matrix 2 release, and I still afraid that it coud turn into a superman story ("Neo is so cool because he is the One", and stuff...)

We have two years more to continue as planned, before the sequels could ruin the Matrix and all we've built... Agents of the Matrix, unite! Welcome and join the club ;)

08/08/2001: Pictures and fanfic.

As I promised, before leaving to vacation, some updates:

Totally re-designed links section. Now, yahoo-style directory. Submissions are welcome. Compiled all my favorite matrix links, together with general cyberpunk movies/books resources and started a gateway to "Other Side" viewing of other fandoms (Star Wars, Tolkien... more to come)

Added new pictures in Art gallery. Rendered agents images from Hardline Matrix Mod project (agent Smith and agent Brown), as well as concept art images (mod characters - agents Croft and Carter). Don't forget to visit Hardline project site.
Also, two pictures by professional comic artist - Bill Sienkiewicz (from "Sweating the small stuff" story at official Matrix site).
Art gallery was re-designed too, so it wouldn't generate new windows when you click on thumbnail images.

Fanfic. "After Life" (in russian) - a story by Dima Rubinstain (Lost Infidel). I can only say that the story is very sad... rebels win. The Matrix is destroyed. But what would be with people after the Matrix... after Life?..

06/26/2001: Live-action Matrix RPG report, photos & more...

I'm going to add more new stuff before I'd go away to a vacation... some new fan art pictures and probably a fanfic are on their way (hope to add this next week).

And now, the most important thing! First in history live-action Matrix RPG happened in Moscow (31 june - 1 july), and I've posted my report and photos.
The report is only available in russian, but comments to photos, in turn, are done in english version first. English version of the report would be done... but probably after my vacation. However you can understand a story so far looking at the photos... ;)
So, here is my little Matrix LARP page... and, lots of thanks again to everyone who participated in it, players and game masters! It was great game! (official game site in russian only: , with more reports and other game info)

Other news: I re-designed picture galleries slightly, so clicking on thumbnails wouldn't generate new windows anymore (fan art gallery is only one that wasn't re-designed yet and I would finish it next week, and some new pics would be added ;) Galleries became easier to navigate through, I think. Please report broken pictures and links.

And more cool news: we're getting domain back, a lot of thanks to my friend Nochkin for it! :)

And even more... we're planning e-mail based Matrix RPG in *russian* language. It would be launched in September, as we hope. Discussion about rules is welcomed at the forum.

05/10/2001: Awesome news!

A chat with Paul Goddard (Agent Brown) was launched 10th may at 9:00 PM ET. Fortunately, I had a chance to ask one of my questions to him. And, did we got some clues that may be Agent Brown will be back in Matrix2.. ? Read the full chat transcript *in english* here.

Another good news. I've got my fanfiction *published!* My story "Deep Dawn" was published together with two other fanfics to "Labyrinth of reflections" by Sergey Lukianenko. In Russia, you can buy that book, look for it! Or, you can buy it in russian online store *now*:


Stories, poetry, Matrix fan-fiction on this site (2000-2001)

04/23/2001: Many, many updates! Enjoy!

today our site is happy to present new bunch of updates for you...


"Unseen Life" by Shane House, in english. Remember the lobby scene from the Matrix movie, nearly everyne's favorite? Remember the guards? So... read ahead....
"Ashes, sand and handful of memories" by Agent Jack, in russian. A final story of awesome "Wonderland" series, - sad, but still open ending. You'd meet Vale, Jack's sister, again, and will enter the world of highest AI's... they all have different plans about future of the Matrix...
"Lana's story" by Trinity - in russian. Lana, young russian girl, follows her loved one and joins the rebels, but not everything on the Neb is perfect for her....


some rendered Agents pictures from Matrix Mods for Half-Life and other games. Including a little surprise for you! ;) Check them out in Fan Art section.

17/03/2001: New fanfiction and picture.

The site is not dead and I think I wouldn't close it at least until Matrix III would be released. If Wachovski will destory the Matrix in their movie, I'll have a full right to be "retired". It is of course a wild hope that there will be a peaceful ending.

New stuff today:

No exit, by Agent Jack (in russian) - a story inspired by "No exit" song by Splean. I placed the song in Fiction-Songs section so you can listen it. The music is great, and song is very depressing.
Suicidal Assurance, by Kamikaze (in english) - chapter 8. "I've seen Her killed one of Us"
Matrix collage, by Volkov Alexey, in Fan Art section.

Some news from Matrix Movie. First, you of course know that this casting agency that is seeking for Agent Smith doubles, and other people for Matrix 2, have linked to our site (Agent Smith gallery), so we got traffic increase. But most important on the site I consider to be our fanfiction and ideas - galleries and screen caps I made only for fun. However, I'm very honored.
Second interesting info is that there will be a new Agent in Matrix 2. Of course I wanted agents Brown and Jones to be back, but... all welcome Agent Johnson (will be played by Daniel Bernhardt ;) Look at the pic of this actor.

02/23/2001: New fanfiction and, awesome news...

Awesome news for those who live in Russia: Real Life Role-Playing Game based on the Matrix will take place in Moscow this may! Click here (russian) for more info...

Now we're happy to present:

Suicidal Assurance, by Kamikaze (in english): the story continues!
The Returning, by Agent Jack (in russian): new adventures of agent Martin and Alice in the hidden Imitation...

Support us. If you'd like to place our link, banner or button on your page, check out "feedback" section for linking info. If you'd like to support me in real life, check out some offers.

02/07/2001: New pictures and story...

I'm preparing some large updates for the site to post them here in the nearest future. And, for our visitors' pleasure, I added some new stuff today.

Pictures: Visit "fan art" section to look at some pics of Agents from new comics that appeared at Official matrix Site.

Fanfics: "Suicidal Assurance" by Kamikaze (in english). That's just a beginning of a big and interesting story. The world of "Agenty fanfiction" is flourishing, thanks to its authors ;)

01/25/2001: Happy Birthday, Agent Jack! ;)

Oh, yes, happy birthday to you my dear friend! and all my best wishes!

Updates to this site will come very soon: new stories and funny stories, new pictures and big Matrix FAQ, written about our fanfiction Universe. Please stay with us ;)

12/13/2000: new Matrix fanfics and translations...

The site displays some signs that it's still alive! Some people would wonder about it, some would be happy to hear about it, and I'm glad to present the updates to you.
10000 visitors have been on this site since 4th april 2000. Whoa! :)

  • Fanfics:

    • "Alone", "Destiny", "Destiny II" by Trin Chardin - external links to new fanfics in english, telling about Nemo, female agent who discovers the serets of her human origin and family...

    • "The pure and tainted rage" by Julia Haas (Agent Unity) was translated into russian.

    • "Lords of flies" [russian] and "The dreaming world" [russian] by Konstantin Rogov (Agent Jack)
      "Wonderland" saga continues. May be everything is said already in these words... Unfortunately, the story is too big for us, and we aren't brave enough to make an english translation.

    • "The freedom lamentation" [russian] by Tatiana Matveeva (Agent Inity). It's a prequel to "The dreaming world", little story about an agent searching for the secrets of the Dark City...

    • "Exit" [russian] by Mithgol the Webmaster. Unordinary story, and it would be a big surprise for fans of Sergey Lukianenko's books. This fanfic isn't "agenty" or "rebellious" for sure, and this makes it especially good. May be I'd manage to translate it into english later.

10/29/2000: Yes, updates! Finally! Stay with us! ;)

Seems that most of Agents in our Matrix sector were on vacation last month, and preparing the new bunch of updates was slower than usually. But finally, I'm happy to present the new stuff to you.

  • Pictures & music
  • Fanfics:
    • Funfic (in russian) by Trinity - first fanfic written by a rebel from Russia! "Fate seems to be not without a sence of irony", as Morpheus said, and we're proud to present this story on our site.
    • "Call taken (in russian) by Mithgol the Webmaster - updated version.
  • External links:
    • "What am I?" by Trin Chardin (in english) - a romance story of Agent Fleming and Agent Brown. Sometimes Agents are allowed to fall in love...
    • "The Apocalypse virus" by Byl Glinka (in english) - tells about new secret rebels' weapon against the Matrix and shows very unusual concept of Agents' upgrade...
      Divided to 5 parts: [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5]
    • Project "Deeptrix (in russian) by Mithgol the Webmaster - parody and cross-over showing similarities between "the Matrix" and "Deep" (virtual world from "Labyrinth of reflections" book)

09/12/2000: New Matrix fanfiction, parody, links...

The site becomes really big and it's getting harder to update it. So I try to prepare a whole bunch of updates and then post it in one time instead of little every-day changes.

Here they go! Fun stuff and serious stories...

  • "Parody of Matrix Fanfiction" - awesome parody by Byl Glinka was translated into russian. You can view english original here.
  • "What It's Like to be an Agent of the Matrix" by Byl Glinka. Again, very funny story! Read russian translation or english original.
  • "Birth of a Warder" by Agent Unity: russian translation is finally done! You can read original version of this fabulous story in english here.
  • "Follow the white rabbit" by Ivan Appel. Another Matrix parody (in russian language only). A kind of crossover, too. Consider yourself warned - the story is totally not-politically-correct.
  • "The Debatrix" (an essay, in english). "What Neo & co are doing is wrong..."
  • Matrix fanfiction on this site - the list with short reviews (in english).
  • Updated and re-arranged Links section.
  • Updated "Other Side" section! ~ My journey to the Star Wars Universe begins...
    ... More to come.

Coming soon:

  • In english: "Too late" by Vadim Petrakovsky (read in russian); "Lost eternity" by Agent Shahfil (read in russian).
  • In russian: "Lords of flies" by Agent Jack; "The pure and tainted rage" by Agent Unity (read in english).
  • "Ghost in the Shell" screen captures.

08/14/2000: Lots of updates, finally!

07/08/2000: New stories, pictures and fan-art!

06/30/2000: Lyrics of songs I like very much, and I think there is something definitely on-topic in all of them!..

  • Zemfira "Synoptic" [russian] (+mp3) and an attempt to make an english translation of the lyrics. Very agenty song, no doubt... so good to write matrix fanfics while listening to it!
  • Vacuum "Shine Olympia" - this line "Age of designing this world a better place" ... "...designed as perfect human world..." - it definitely reminds me *something*...
  • Scorpions "The Zoo" - again, very "agenty" song. "Walk around to catch the thrill on streets we call the zoo"...
  • iNsuRge "Soul 4 sale" - bitter, strong, truly cyberpunk song. May be a hymn of future Matrix builders...
  • Richard Stilgoe "Starlight Express: AC/DC" - sent to me by Agent Unity.
  • Mel Brooks "The Inquisition Song" - who've seen "The History Of The World" comedy movie by Mel Brooks, they will understand! :) I don't know... but while watching "The Matrix" movie first time, exacly the scene of "Morpheus' interrogation", this "Inquisition Song" popped up in my mind...
  • Will Smith' song (Men in Black) - should I explain why I post it here? (+midi)
  • "Secret Agent Man" from "Austin Powers" movie, found online with really strange circumstances...
  • Project Pitchfork - "Resist" - sounds like really good song for the Resistance. So our dear friends from Zion wouldn't think they're ignored! ;)

And, new quotes from different movies&books... Again, thanks Agent Unity for sending me them! ;)

Some jokes from Agents and Rebels' life [russian] by Andy Kravtsov & Eugene Sorochinsky (Agent Mad & Agent Nazgul)...

(Sorry... it's extremely funny, but I'm not sure I will be able to make english translation. May be we'd add some more agenty jokes in english later ;)

06/26/2000: New wonderful stories by Julia (Agent Unity) - "Birth Of A Warder" [english] and "The Red and the Black" [english]. I can only say that I love both stories very much and I think that the Matrix should be proud of having Unity between Her Agents! ;) I'm so happy that we met with Unity - it was not a concidence, I'm sure... (Wonder why I'm calling the Matrix "She?" Read the story...)

New artworks by Agent Truds and Diana Fucci were added to Art Gallery. Check them out!

I hope to finish russian translation of "Birth Of A Warder" soon... More new fanfics in russian are on their way! "And I came to myself" by Agent Jack, parts I-III... "Overload" by Agent Shahfil... and may be, I'll reveal something from "Apocryph"?..

06/19/2000: Agent Truds from UK sent me a really nice piece of fan art and I decided finally to put together all gems of Matrix art and fan-art related to Agents I've collected from the Net. Matrix fan-art is really hard to find, so this collection is small, but I love all the pics. I hope there will be more pictures someday.
So you can view this art gallery here ;)

I must say lots of thanks to you all, my friends and "fellows fighting for the Matrix" from different countries: Trudi, Jules, Linda, Scraps, Martin... thank you for your support! And, many thanks for Agent Kali, now, I hope, I will be able to be in Germany this summer, on Hannover World Exchibition, and meet my *real* friends!

06/14/2000: New stories, as I promised, but they all are in russian language. My friend Shahfil joined our side and became Agent Shahfil; his new story is called "Lost Eternity", and I recommend you to read it first, and then my "Do Agents dream about vacation?". Shahfil's story and my conversation to TrinityM at Matrix Forum inspired me to writing it, and it is dedicated to all my friends: Jack, Shahfil, Martin, Nazgul, Killer, Scraps, Black, Azimer, Madwolf, Mak,... and everyone who likes Agents' way in this world. ;)
English translations are coming really soon... Thanks for your patience.

I've got new domain name and we with my friends think now about creating a page about all of us at this address. Now it just points to this page and I welcome all ideas and contributions for the future project!.. ;)

06/06/2000: Picture gallery updated; more Agents' pictures in new "misc" section (pictures I've collected from the Net).

Some more about Agent Inity "in character", chat transcript of Undernet #dotr and examples of role-playing at Zion Mainframe web-board.

06/02/2000: For my english-speaking guests: my nickname 'Inity' explanation.

"Wonderland" by Agent Jack, updated english translation release. (Thanks to Agent X (Linda ;)

Songs (lyrics and music) by my favorite groups Enigma & Kraftwerk; some of these lyrics I quote in my stories and some of them I was listening while writing my fanfics. For example, "Children of the Night" is closely connected with Kraftwerk music and lyrics...

New stories: (in russian): "Is it useful to format oysters with DOS" by Vadim Petrakovsky (fun/absurd/joke with Matrix theme) ; "One of Them" by Serg Kalabuchin (another understanding of Matrix movie?)...

New poetry (in russian): "NEO" by Sergey Ishchenko.

05/23/2000: For my english-speaking guests: "Wonderland" by Konstantin Rogov (Agent Jack) is translated to english! Come and read, it is one of the best Matrix fan-fics I've seen, in my humble opinion ;)

"She didn't choose Light, she didn't choose Darkness. She was searching for her own way... She was from Zion; her name was Alice. Alice in  Wonderland..."

Many thanks to Infidel for the translation and to Agent Scraps for her help! ;)

And some more interesting info in english; if you want, here you can read chat transcript from IRC Undernet #dotr, - this 'agents and rebels dialogue' (role-playing) was really fun... and may be, not just role-playing?.. ;)

Upcoming Agent_Jack's story "And I came to myself" seems to be great and strange simultaneously. As I can say after reading its beta-version and preview fragments, it's true postmodern and it has lots of hidden 'hyperlinks' inside to other text. May be you'll wonder how the_matrix concept can be connected with ancient egyptian mythology, for example, but it could be so... amazing.

"Children of the Night" is being translated into english! So, I hope it will be posted here soon (you can read little fragment in english here...)

Want to receive a newsletter about all updates on my page? Send an e-mail to (in english) or (in russian)

05/18/2000: "Children of the Night" - my new story (in russian); "Too Late" (in russian) - written by my friend Vadim after reading "Children of the Night", special for "Other Side" project... I wrote "Children of the Night" after reading Agent Jack's "Wonderland" (russian/english)

And, waiting for upcoming Agent Jack's story... this "ring of stories" really becomes interactive! I've seen a beta this morning. I can only say that it's very good...

Here is one interesting thing for you, too: I've took a screenshot of my desktop while writing "Children of the night", so you can see here how my usual working environment looks like. May be russian letters of the story will look for you strange just like Matrix code? Don't be afraid, there is a translation of the text awaiting for you... a fragment of "Children of the Night", which you can see in english ;)

Where the Cyberpunk genre came from? Read russian translation of Bruce Bethke's "Cyberpunk" story! (you can see english original here)

05/09/2000: I just came home from Interpresscon (russian Science Fiction Writers conference) and now I can proudly present to you new updates on my site!
[1] I renamed "Quotes" section to "Fiction" section, so it will be easier for you to find my and my friends' stories and poetry which I post here. Quotes will be still on the site, as a sub-category in "Fiction".

[2] New stories and poetry in english language available:
"Next level" and "Downgrade" by Vadim Petrakovsky (check out "Other Side" or "Fiction")
"Soul F5" - my poetry, in russian and in english.
Also, other on-topic stories: (english) "Human Agents" by The Mistress of the Sands; (russian) it worth to read "The smile of Fortune" by Elena Pervushina, the story I voted for on "Interpresscon".

05/01/2000: New pictures! Pictures of... Agent Inity and her friends! From Moscow, where I was on famous Comtek computer exhibition and where were many meetings with my friends and fellows... great RCL/Matrix-5020 party... Chronicle of all events, Part One! More pictures are coming soon!

In the next update... wait for new unique photos, such as "Agent and rebel are brothers forever", "Rebel's breakfast", "Mak and Soft2Killer turn to Agents' side" and more... also you'll see some undocumented features of "DuoVit" pills and their influence to persons "who've been watching 'The Matrix' too much" (Hint: if you live in Russia... then ask for "DuoVit" in your local drug store ;)

04/27/2000: The forum (and guestbook simultaneously) was opened. So please drop by to share your thoughts and feedback ;)

In "Other Side" section - my new poetry "Level 14. Dark Light" (in russian); the fabulous story by Agent Jack "They never will be satisfied" was finally translated to english! So, it's for you, my english-speaking guests, come and read! :)
And, little additions in Links section...

04/17/2000: I just figured out that 16'th april is an anniversary... 16th april 1999 was the day when I've seen "The Matrix" first time! And, here (in russian) is my first feedback to the movie...

I've also read some my old posts about "The Matrix" in my conference; and, well, I see that my interest and 'affection' to agents' has its origin in these days... since I've seen the movie first time ;) And, even idea of [Life.c]... I plan to post something from our old messages here, later.

English translation of "They never will be satisfied" story, by Agent Jack, is almost done! Also, waiting for "Downgrade" by Vadim Petrakovsky translation... Come back soon ;)

04/15/2000: Picture galleries updated! New pics, special galleries of Agent Brown (my favorite Agent character), Agent Smith and Agent Jones now opened...

04/12/2000: Russian version is now available!

New stories: "They never will be satisfied" (in english/in russian) by Konstantin Rogov (Agent Jack) - really great one; in "Other Side" section - new stories by Vadim Petrakovsky "Next level" (in english/in russian) and "Downgrade" (in english/in russian), "Death" (in english/in russian), story "Creature" (in russian) by Dmitri Rubinstain (Infidel).

04/08/2000: Official opening date. Welcome all guests! My story [Life.c] was translated to English, thanks to Infidel and The_Trinity ;)

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