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Animatrix and Matrix Comix can tell more about Agents...

detective story detective story "Detective Story"  tells about private detecive who's hired by Agents to find hacker named Trinity. This story has more scenes with agents than any other story in Animatrix. Agents do their normal job: insert a bug into detective, morph into civilians and try to catch Trinity.

The final scene where detective points a gun at agents and they look confused, is a biit strange. They should have no worry about wounded coppertop, and they can easily dodge even if he would fire. Their confused looks add a bit of "sad happy ending" tone.

Agents look young, devoted and coldly beautiful, just as they should. AgentS in this movie earn my top mark.

detective story detective story
detective story detective story
detective story detective story
beyond beyond "Beyond" is very nice story in true anime style; it shows normal routines of Matrix work, and a glitch in the Matrix that should be fixed. yeah, this glitch looked very cool, but agents had to do their job.

There was one agent, in fact. He looked very cute, so bad he had not enough screen time. But it's the way matrix works. Agents fix glitches and disappear in the labyrinths of green code...

beyond beyond
beyond beyond
kid's story kid's story "Kid's story" shows really disappointing agents actions from the beginning: they can't catch a coppertop guy with a scateboard. Sounds like parody, humor, nonsence. Where's their super-strength and super-speed?

At least they try to follow V.V.Putin advice "Kill enemies in a toulet". They try. Agents breaking in the girls restroom look strange and funny.

Finally, the movie gets suddenly better. The Kid is considered to be dead for the Matrix, and agents are standing together with friends and relatives on cemetery. Suddenly, the parody turns out to be sad truth.

Next moment, it will turn into fairy-tale and we figure out that the Kid survived in real world. But it looks like unnecessary addition. The depressing scene of mourning agents is best ending. :)

kid's story kid's story
kid's story kid's story
kid's story kid's story

kid's story

new world

"Second Renaissance" is amazing piece. Any supporter of this siute just must see it... Finally it shows so many things that were told on this site in year 2000 as many times since that! Yes, Matrix was created not for enslavuing humans. It was created so humans will survive; and also it gives sentient race of machines the same chance. Survival and symbiosis, after all the pain, after nukes dropped on Iraq, after the scorched skies. After so many deaths - new chance, and agents become true mentors for orphaned humanity... Their faces are full with non-human empathy and calm angelic beauty.
world record world record "World Record" shows agents in truly unusual way. Instead of traditional suits they wear futuristic clothes and long coats. Shepe of their glasses also is non-usual.

In this movie, agents try to keep a persomn from awakening. Strange why they started to pay so much attention to him, though.

It's first piece of art ever showing agent with beard. Really non-usual. They also look really sinister.

As always, they win.

world record world record
world record world record
world record world record

world record

Matrix Comix

vince vince Pictures from official Matrix site, by Vince Evans. Last picture is from "hidden" area of the site; two other ones are from an online comic by Vince Evans I very like.

"Give me my phone! - Oh, pretty please!" - I love Agents so much when they smile! 8) 

agent Impressive agent image from Greg Ruth's "Return of the prodigal son" comic at official site.
agent agent

"Butterfly" by Dave Gibbons. There's nearly no plot in the story in my opinion, but agents and rebels have a nice fight. Bu the way, agents win... it becomes a tendence.

agent agents
agent/code agent Pics by Bill Sienkiewicz. From "Sweating the small stuff" comic. The story isn't brilliant by itself, but the pics are... very matrixy indeed. A cold green light of code is ... something. Like only agents can *feel* it...
Saga Rennt Pictures by Keron Grant, from Official Matrix site. There are two comics made by Keron Grant ("Day in, day out" (together with Ted McKeever) and "Run, Saga, run"), and agents are nearly in every frame. But, I'm not in delight how do they look. I placed here couple of pics with preview purposes; explore the comics to see all the pictures.
day in day out day in day out
day in day out day in day out
shadows In "The path among stones" agents appear as misterious shadows. By Gregory Ruth.
agent "An asset to the system" by Troy Nixey. Somewhat depressing story, and agent doesn't look very impressive. Full story can be found here.
agent This one is by W.Wilbur. A fragment of the comic from the official site. May be it's slightly unusual that his Agent has a blonde hair. I love the smile, of course. ;)
elivia elivia Little fragment of a comic by Paul Chadwick. The story definitely wasn't agents-focused, like these by Keron Grant, but agents were in this frame...
suckers I just *love* rebels. How polite, don't you think?

And, the punishment comes. The bitter part of the scene is that the Agent just few minutes ago morphed into this rebel guy's girlfriend...

From "There's no flowers in the real world" by David Lapham.

agents A pic by Ted McKeever. Check out the full comic here. I don't like this kind of graphics, but this view has a right to exist... just added to make my collection full.
don't get it Picture from comic series by Peter Bagge. I'm not in delight from his graphics, but I love the idea. Yes, I know perfectly that Agents enjoy watching "The Matrix" movie in their free time!

"The distribution of this movie is approved as an act contributing to the Matrix ways" (c) mine, "Children of the Night" story ;)

correct Again, a pic by Peter Bagge.

"How do we know the Matrix isn't real. The film could be an attempt by the agents to stop us searching for the truth by openly showing us it and labelling it Fiction." -- Sleep 2 Dream, on Warner Bros forum :)

Additional: Matrix Storyboards

storyboard storyboard Pictures from storyboards, by Steve Skroce. I've got them at official site, too. You can recognize famous scenes from the movie.

Agent Smith and Neo fighting in subway: storyboard image by Geof Darrow.

Chase on the train: Scene which was in the storyboard, but doesn't present in the movie. (Special thanks to Trinity - her link to pictures with "L-Train" scene was wonderful). Agent Brown is beautiful, as always. If you want to see Trinity, please use Trinity's link ;)

storyboard storyboard
storyboard storyboard
storyboard agent brown on storyboard
agent brown on storyboard agent brown

Additional: Matrix 2 storyboards

reloaded storyboard reloaded storyboard Agents for Matrix Reloaded. Concept art and storyboards. They look... better than in the movie, just in my opinion...


Notice that Smith is shown in "classic agent pose", though he doesn't have earpiece by now.

agent smith

agent smith

I want to go back...
Splinters of what I litter and feel, they wounded me - can I bring
everything back? How long would I agonize in this human world,
how many tales would I write glorifying the Matrix, to...

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