Agent Inity, Level 14 ;)

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NAME: Inity. Agent Inity, if you want ;)

AGE: Inity was 24 human years old at the moment she became an Agent.

GENDER: Appears at female sentient program.

AFFILIATION: Because the Matrix is good, in my *not so humble* opinion, and I'm on the Matrix' side... can I say "bad"?! :)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: well, you'd better look at the photos. I never was able to describe myself properly. I have long hair (usually in long braid), grey eyes and I'm about 175 cm tall.

STATUS: functioning Agent, currently at Level 14.

FAVORITE QUOTE: as on the picture... "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device".

Level 14:

in Russian part of the Matrix, in Agents hierarchy (which could be not totally equal to this hierarchy in other countries :) Level 14, as far as I understand now, can be defined as "public relations". 8)

If you'd meet us, remember that we don't want to shoot first or put guns at your heads. We'd better start an interesting conversation... searching for Understanding, building links between AIs and humans. ;)

This ENIGMA song could be about us...

We came out from the deep
To help and understand, but not to kill
It takes many lives till we succeed
To clear the debts of many hundred years.
That's why we are here!

-- Out from the Deep ;)

Agent Inity, "in character" :

Agent Inity character was born 25.03.2000, in the middle of the night, when [Life.c] story was created.

She was a human once, living her life at the edge "between real and virtual" - as some from Morpheus' crew would say, she was "a potential". But Agents got to her first. They came to her with the invitation to join them, Guardians of the Order. They made with her everything what is necessary in such cases: her body in the pod was disconnected from life support hardware and "liquified to feed the living", and her mind, or soul, if you want to call it so, was saved in digital form and turned into the agent program. So she is, proud of her new form of existence ;)

When Inity became an Agent, she saved her main traits as "I'm always a bit melancholic, I love humans and I admire information and knowledge". Getting access to all treasures of information collected by people and mashines was one of main reasons why she came to the Matrix' side. She always disliked fighting, "hunting rebels" and other common Agents' occupations; because of her sympathies to humans and even to rebels, she was once deleted, restored from backup and re-programmed for level 14, so now she can realize her sympathies by best way the Matrix can even provide to an Agent.

Level 14. Embassadors. Envoys of peace. The main mission the Matrix set to them is searching for the understanding and compromises with human race. Finding new ways for humans and mashines to live in peace on Earth...
And, yes, the second mission. Calling humans to the Matrix' side. "Hiring", as someone would say. Agent Inity has a right to initiate new Agents - and not only a right, but it's one of her primary occupations. (Look at "Children of the Night" story...)

All "default" Agent skills like "dodging bullets", morphing, martial arts, changing *something* (duplicating black cats, eh?) etc. of course are granted to Level 14 Agents. But their main weapon is a word, not a gun. They usually have great knowledge in human psychology (and different aspects of it!), art of public-speaking, rhetoric, and, of course, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Inity can start her "conversion" even when rebels put uzis at her ready to pull the trigger...

This life isn't easy, but she continues her mission... to show you the _Other Side_. I'm just a messenger; I can only show you the door... would you like to join us? ;)

Agent Inity in stories and fanfics

Main stories about Agent Inity (written by herself) are, of course:

  • [Life.c] - "the Gospel as told by an Agent". The way a human can tread to become a thought, become a program...

  • "Children of the Night" - an original story which shows two days from level 14 agents' life... Just another day in St.Petersburg, Russian part of the Matrix.

  • "Do Agents dream about vacation?" was written when other my friend joined Agents' side and became Agent Shahfil (you will meet Inity and Jack in the story, and may be you'd recognize yourself? ;)

In "Creature" (story in russian, by my friend Infi) Inity was mentioned as "a girl dressed in black, in black shades", and I've got from there my "upgrading to Level 14" scenes in unfinished "Apocryph" story.  "Apocryph" (still working on it) is something like diary of Agent Inity with all her ideas and thoughts "in character".
"Too late" by Vadim Petrakovsky (in russian language only for now, but the translation is coming) and "I came to myself" (russian only, again) by Agent Jack use Inity's character, too; they're my friends and they understand me, so they have my permission to do that ;)
Agent Inity is also mentioned in "Birth of a Warder" story by Julia Haas (Agent Unity).

Inity at role-playing ;)

Inity: Nickname explanation...

Well, about my nick...
I didn't have a nickname until 1992, and then I decided that "Inquisitor" will be fun nick for me, for I was very interested in Middle Ages and history of Inquisition.
When I was in University, my close friends called me both Inquisitor and "Lady Torquemada", and I liked it. May be, not too much, though.

And, now where Inity came from...

It was in a nightdream, in summer 1996. I didn't had a computer yet, and I didn't see Internet. But I was preparing myself to buy a computer in autumn and I was reading about computers a lot, to know them better.

And then the dream came. It was a story where I've seen myself "in person", and the main idea was an experiment with transferring human soul into the computer. It was done with my character, and I remember this wonderful nightdream and "what the computer feels before 'power' button is pressed", and I remember this image of the Net "inside", dark space and neon lines and lights.

I should add that in 1996 I haven't read any cyberpunk books yet and I didn't knew Gibson or whatever, so this image came just from my imagination, or... ? -

and, then I, or better to say my character, asked "Who am I?", and the voice from far away said her name "Inity".

Ao I wake up with the name "Inity" on my lips and in my mind, and when in autumn 1996 I came to ISP to join the Net, I chose Inity as my login name.

May be some weeks later when I was watching how the word appears in mIRC window, I thought that this dream was prophetic... And, all my Internet and FIDONet friends call me by that nickname.

Inity can't be translated, but in ancient-egyptian Init-net means "a fish in a flood", and also I like that this nickname is similar to words 'initiation' and 'initialization', and to "init" strings appearing on display while loading programs. So may be this nickname was given to me by the Net from my dream... ;)

I tell in "concept" section how I came to writing "Life.c" story and what happened after that. I've sent my story, when it was just finished, to my best friends. And all of them started to call me "Agent Inity" after reading it... well, it is true, I think I've found my way in the "Matrix world" ;) "I take pride in how I'm leading my way..."

... guardian angels of the City Night...

O.O.C. If you think that I'm too serious with this role-playing... and if you want to know who is Inity outside of the Matrix, then visit my "human avatar" page at ...
The author always lives in his characters. So I live in my Tiffany and Shintaro from "Tower Of Angels", Inquisitor Albert from "Confession", Ankh-Nefer from "Long way from West to east", ...I live in my books, stories and poetries, and I still continue to be who I am, Tatiana Matveeva from St.Petersburg, Russia.

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