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Taste the Matrix. Reload your mind...

taste the Matrix


From the beginning  I got an idea to watch Matrix Reloaded three times in line. Then, Anna suggested that we should drink something that would truly let us concentrate... and break the borders between real and virtual. "Absinthe", she immediately said.
It seemed to be impossible (I just imagined sitting in cinema and preparing the drink with traditional way, drops through sugar, etc... it was too complicated.)

Then I recalled about Jam Hall!

Cinema where you actually can order drinks when watching movie. And I knew that   they had Xenta Absenta there.
Of course you may think that Xenta is not the best brand, but anyway it was something... watching the Matrix Reloaded with absinthe was great.

Here are also pictures of day *before* this remarkable watching, when we with friend decided to buy a bottle of absinthe for ourselves and got "Vincent", more respectable russian brand.

These days were lots of fun.

Do like us! :)

Absinthe Flavoured Matrix (Reloaded-2003)

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Image-42-sm.jpg (5609 bytes)

Buying absinthe
in Russia is way easy

Image-48-sm.jpg (6321 bytes)

"Top mark health!"

Image-46-sm.jpg (6050 bytes)

"There is no Powerade! 8)"

Image-45-sm.jpg (6994 bytes)

Real Agents do it
just like this

Image-47-sm.jpg (7581 bytes)

Reload your mind

Image-44-sm.jpg (6139 bytes)

Wanna try?

Image-43-sm.jpg (6462 bytes)


Image-53-sm.jpg (6221 bytes)

At Jam Hall' gates

Image-58-sm.jpg (5277 bytes)

"It's the only
way to fly"

Image-54-sm.jpg (5661 bytes)

"Xenta" ritual

Image-51-sm.jpg (3883 bytes)

Watch the Matrix
with absinthe

Image-55-sm.jpg (5248 bytes)

Agent Inity

Image-57-sm.jpg (6955 bytes)

Agent in flowers

Image-41-sm.jpg (5059 bytes)

Inity and her dog

Image-59-sm.jpg (5145 bytes)

Can I try this
Smith's trick?

Image-49-sm.jpg (4978 bytes)

Happy rebel

Image-56-sm.jpg (5701 bytes)

She's gone!

Image-50-sm.jpg (5146 bytes)

not gonna catch us!


"After the first glass you see things as you wish they were. After the second, you see things as they are not. Finally you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world."
~Oscar Wilde