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Oh man...when you're on the other side of the all looks so easy... --Flynn, "Tron"

It's time to look from the Other Side... [v.2.0]

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So let's start my opening speech... I didn't imagine that I would create such a page someday. I've never been a big fan of 'the Matrix' , but I've seen the movie about 20 times or so. I don't count. :)

When I've seen the movie first time (16th april 1999), I was in somewhat strange feelings. I liked the movie, but I felt that something in my mind doesn't let me to accept Morpheus' and Neo's point of view and their actions. I was even reproaching myself with that, but I was unable to symphatize to Zion; and the "reality desert" instead of virtual world was really unattractive. All my friends were with no doubt on the Rebellion' side. But I didn't share their delights... I said to myself "audienda et altera pars!" - and so... I went and looked at the Matrix from the _Other Side_...

I was wondering before, why some people on Matrix-related forums take   agents' nicknames, and declare that they're on the "Other Side"... I didn't understand, but I wanted to. And this my investigation of the "Other Side" has really unexpected result, but speaking honestly I'm pleased with it!

So... 25'th march, 2000, in the middle of the night, I've felt a flash of inspiration... and I wrote a story named [Life.c]; I cleared my position, and when my friends started to call me Agent Inity instead of Inity, I accepted this with pride. And... I created this page, to show others if this point of view has a right to exist...

I also wanted to put all my cyberpunk links together, and collect all fun and extraordinary stuff about 'the Matrix' I've found on the Net and in conferences, in the same place. Not just another shrine to Neo and Trinity, not just another "unplugged" confession, or "part of the rebellion" or whatever... let's change our points of view a bit; let's search in 'the Matrix' something funny, new and extraordinary, and let's see that agents can be nice, too ;)

So what you can find here?

  • [1] "The way I belong": my own concept and thoughts, and my [Life.c] story ;)
  • [2] "Time to look from the Other Side": resources from the Net, forums and conferences.
  • [3] To be a thought, to be a program...
  • [4] Links to pages of people who stand on _our_ side;
    Links to pages I generally consider interesting (Cyberpunk movies and fiction, and more :)
  • [5] Fiction, fan-fiction, poetry, stories, music/lyrics...   which as I think are definitely "on-topic" ;)
  • [6] Pictures, if I wouldn't be too lazy to post them :)
  • [7] P.S., contacts & credits & button/link exchange
  • [8] RPG - for now, info about live-action Matrix RPG in Moscow (report, photos); coming later -online Matrix RPG in russian.
  • [9] The forum - share your thoughts and feedback ;)

And, sorry that you don't see "green on black", like usually owners of Matrix-related sites do. It's already too popular, I think. If you set green on black in your text editor on e-mail program, somebody for sure will say you "You've been watching 'the Matrix' too much, haven't you?" So let's here will be white-on-black, and if you don't override fonts in your browser, then enjoy Lucida Console :)

The forum (and guestbook simultaneously) was opened. So please drop by to share your thoughts and feedback ;)

(c) Tatiana Matveeva aka Inity Intel Inside (Agent Inity)
...Information must be free, but not everyone should have access rights! :)

Agent Inity (tm), level 14

Free your mind, understand an illusion; become a thought, become a program...


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